8 Helpful Hints & Tips to Boost Your Business Over the Festive Season

Written on the 8 November 2021 by Altitude Communications

8 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Business Over the Festive Season

Although the festive season is a time to eat, sleep and be merry it's important to be on the ball when it comes to your marketing strategy and not let things slip.

Christmas and New Year is a great time to stay in touch with clients, associates, sponsors, or whoever you value as a member of your Business network, and eMarketing is one of the most effective methods of doing this. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your business gets maximum marketing results this Christmas and New Year.

1. Time is of the essence

Online marketing will be most effective if you get in early, this relates to everything from emailing your clients to booking advertising space. Not only should you email your existing clients, consider emailing old contacts and associates that you may not have been in contact with for some time. It's also a good idea to start building a network of links to your site; this will be very beneficial in the lead-up to the New Year! If you'd like to test drive our FastTrack email Marketing System to see if it would work in your business, please click here.

2. Email a solution

Email Marketing Festive Season

Sending an email to your customers is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective marketing tools when it comes to your marketing options. And your customers will love you for it. We all know how quickly Christmas creeps up every year, yet for many of us, it seems to be part of our genetic makeup to leave everything to the last minute - including our Christmas Shopping. Many people will be avoiding major shopping centers like the plague until they're confident they've narrowed down an airtight Christmas list and can quickly dash in there, carry out the mission and get out of the queues and congestion as quickly as possible. Emailing newsletters with gift ideas, promotional packages, and Christmas specials can really help people decide on the perfect gift without having to get into the trenches and fight amongst the rabble. Consider giving your customers some free information related to the business ...what a great Christmas gift!

3. Handy Hints for the perfect present

There's nothing worse than trying to think of the perfect present for a person that is impossible to buy. Chances are, your customers would appreciate any assistance or hints on what to get them. Giving your customers a suggestion of gifts is a great way to showcase your products and assist them with the dreaded last-minute shopping frenzy. Offering your customers the option of a gift certificate is another fantastic solution to buying gifts because sometimes the person really is impossible to buy for.

4. The Gift of Giving

Good marketing is not only about getting new customers - it's about keeping them. For many people, Christmas is associated with a bombardment of ads, closely followed by the nagging of children and the huge expenses connected with buying the newest toy or the latest gadget. For this reason, sending out gift cards to your customers and clients is often seen as a welcome relief. Christmas competitions and giveaways are also a great way for retail businesses to build rapport with their customers. For every purchase of say, $10 or more (depending on your business type) put them in a draw to win. If you're at a loss for prizes, a great Christmas hamper is always a good one.

5. Send an eCard

eCards are not only an effective way of staying in touch with family and friends; they are a great way to stay in touch with business partners, associates, prospective clients, and existing customers. FastTrack eMarketing offers a range of fully animated Christmas Cards for the festive season.

Another powerful marketing strategy is to keep a record of your customers' birthdays and make sure that you send them an eCard on their special day. By using the FastTrack email marketing system you can automate this so that your customer will automatically receive an eCard on their birthday from your company. It's all about communications and showing that you have taken the time to let your customer know that you are thinking of them. You might wish to invite your customers to a special invite-only sale, or perhaps a VIP customer Christmas party. It's all about making your customers feel wanted. The FastTrack email marketing system includes a great selection of generic Christmas, Birthday, Easter, and other "occasion" based eCards - click here to see a demonstration now.

6. Use email marketing to maximize your marketing opportunities

Easily Create Powerful Email Campaigns

The FastTrack eMarketing campaign manager is an all-in-one professional email marketing communication system that empowers you with the ability to create, schedule, and send professional, personalised, interactive letters to your existing and prospective clients.

Whether it be as an eNewsletter or an announcement of a sale (over 50+ strategies to choose from), this tool is full of features to make the process faster, organised, and very effective and is designed to assist you to attract new clients, increase your sales, and improve communications with your prospects, business partners and customers. You can pre-program your campaigns to go out when you are away on holiday, so now your marketing is really working for you even if you are not there.

7. Feedback is the fuel of champions!

Track and monitor the results from all communication and email campaigns sent out ...fast and efficiently. The vital business key to any marketing or communications to your valued clients and prospects is to be able to track and trace the results of your campaigns. Imagine knowing what your clients are really interested in instead of stabbing in the dark ...well now you can with the FastTrack eMarketing Management system. Want to see just how sophisticated our built-in survey manager is... click here

8. Manage your own product showcase events easily

Be professional when it comes to hosting your own events by managing the marketing to the payments of events through the FastTrack eMarketing Management System. The system even allows you to print off your attendee list name cards with the click of a button, or market to both the groups of people that are attending your event to those that are not. So why not host an event next year to showcase and launch some of the great new ideas and services that you will be offering your clients next year.

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