Attraction Marketing - Attracting new customers

Written on the 28 February 2011 by Altitude Communications

Attraction Marketing - Attracting instead of Chasing Customers

Learn the secrets of pull marketing strategies verses traditional push marketing strategies for attracting new customers to your business.

Attraction Marketing is one of the buzz words of our age. Whether that's because people dislike old school, hard-selling strategies or the fact that our growing love of technology has opened up a plethora of information sources, it's now commonplace for businesses to employ these proven marketing strategies that pull customers into their "business space" rather than using traditional push strategies such as direct sales advertising.

The major difference between traditional selling methods and attraction marketing is psychology. Traditional selling methods tend to persuade customers into buying something using aggressive advertising techniques and a strong sales pitch, whereas attraction marketing uses the benefits of a product or service in order to attract the right prospect into the marketing funnel. Attraction marketing is based on the prospect getting to know, like and trust you. It educates rather than sells, using relevant content, educational information and advice to build and foster a business/prospect relationship built on trust.  Further the major problem with traditional selling is that people are more likely to resist purchasing, even if they're interested, as they dislike the pressure of being bullied into buying your products or services.

The interesting fact is that even if people hate being told what to buy, they actually like being guided through a shopping experience that is educational, fun and satisfying. That is what attraction marketing is all about. It is a more acceptable method of doing business compared to traditional selling. Simply put, it involves attracting people to your business and products or services rather than pursuing them.

This marketing strategy works equally effectively for every level of business from home-based entrepreneurs, owners of online businesses, network marketers, business coaches, small and medium sized businesses and large corporations. It is the only true way to grow a profitable business that removes all heavy selling tactics.

Implementing the right attraction marketing techniques will result in more qualified prospects being attracted to your business. They will,  not only give you their contact information, but also detailed outlines of the challenges and problems they face. This can all happen on autopilot prior to your prospect becoming a client. Essentially, attracting customers to your business will result in you being sought-after in your industry.

Here are four attraction marketing techniques for attracting new customers to your business right away...

1. Boost the value of your business in the market.

The more valuable your business and brand becomes, the more likely people are to do business with you. The main thrust of this strategy is to create, develop and nurture your personal brand. YOU can think of it like a partnership between you and your business, where you are your business and your business is you, but YOU are the expert. It is YOU who your customers are doing business with and ultimately buying from. This applies even if you have a team of staff behind the scenes doing the work for you. You are your customer's primary point of contact and your personal brand must be reflective of your value, expertise and position in the marketplace. 

2. Offer real value to your customers by helping them to solve their problems or improve their lives.

Become the information source of your industry. By offering unbiased information and great advice, you are further positioning yourself as a "good guy." You're the expert in your fields who is keen to share your knowledge and help people to achieve their desired outcomes.. The great thing about positioning yourself as an expert is that your prospects are more likely to buy from you as a result and you've effectively removed any competition from the equation. After all, why would you buy something from someone who's not an expert? There are numerous ways to share your information - blogs, recorded messages, email marketing tips and autoresponder email messages, eCourses, article marketing, webinars, videos and more.

3. Build your automated Marketing Funnel

After defining who your target is, building a list of hot, high quality leads should be your #1 priority and it is the most important step in the attraction marketing process; after all it’s the oxygen that will breathe life into your marketing funnel. Remember, everyone that subscribes to your list is a real person and a real prospect for that matter and they have joined your database list for a reason… to receive great value and free information that is relevant to them. Most of all it should be benefit or outcome focused and not directly focused on your products or services that you offer. For more information on creating a lead capturing system for your business, please click here.

4. Get FREE Search Engine traffic using the power of Article Marketing

Use the power of the Internet to get free listings on search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing love fresh content and will reward you for it! Make sure that your articles are focused on  the specific key words that you would like to appear under in the search engine. Search engines also love relevant links to other websites, blogs and related online material. It’s important to find reputable article listing websites that rank high on the search engine listings like www.ezinearticles.com.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include a "signature resource box" at the bottom of each article. Being a public domain your articles may be used by others as long as they contain your resource box or signature panel with a link to your website. In your resource box remember to include an advertisement and URL web link of your lead generating free giveaway or special offer to attract readers to your list building, lead generating webpage.

Other attraction marketing techniques include bookmarking your Web pages, submitting your RSS feeds, and commenting on niche-related blogs with a back link to your own website. But these are other strategies that we will talk about at another time.


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