Countdown to Launch Your Information Product Online

Written on the 23 August 2009 by Altitude Communications

A novice’s guide to promoting and selling your information products online.

You’ve read the testimonials, and seen the impressive bank statements, now it’s time to launch your product online. Last week’s article explored the easiest ways to create an information product that you can sell online. It covered things like articles, ebooks, interviews and audio programs, but now it’s time to introduce your new product to the world, generate sales and bank the cash.

Traditionally product launches are an expensive undertaking. There’s the advertising, public relations, product giveaways and months and months of planning and preparation. But by utilising the online world, your new product launch does not have to be expensive or complicated, however, it does need to utilise the best online tools for getting the word out there, and quickly.

Information Products OnlineStrategy 1. Submit Articles via Article Marketing Websites

Article marketing websites such as EzineArticles.com etc are the key to driving a large number of new clients to your product sales page. Well-written, information-rich articles have the ability to do double-duty in a launch campaign. Not only can they entice new prospects from around the globe to visit your product sales page, but they can also re-activate existing or old customers to make contact with you again.

TIP: Remember to upload your articles to your website, and then link them into the social bookmarking sites such as digg, live, stumbleupon, delicious etc. Plus, to increase the organic Google page ranking of your articles AND promote your product to your existing eNewsletter subscribers, remember to create a promotional campaign that includes a link to your articles so your existing eNewsletter subscribers can read about your new product too.

TIP: At the base of every article submitted to EzineArticles there’s a resource box which allows your customers to navigate to your site or opt-in. It is a box which allows you to promote yourself or your products and services in a few lines and to place a link back to a page on your website. Take advantage of the resource box at the bottom of your articles linking to your product sales page, enquiry form or websiteLead Generator Capture webpage. It is important in the marketing process to capture a prospect’s details in order for you to either follow up or continue to provide them with your expert knowledge via email marketing . By not using the resource box to your advantage you may be missing out on numerous opportunities of marketing to that prospect in the future.

TIP: Remember to include lots of key words within your article to ensure higher search engine rankings. A free tool such as Google’s Key Word Selector Tool will help you to select and include the best words and phrases specific to your topic to ensure optimal results. Not sure how to use the KeyWord Selector Tool? Click here to get some advanced tips…

TIP: If you’re a blogger, these articles can also serve as useful content for your blog, which when combined with keywords and a PPC Advertising Campaign can increase the organic page ranking of your blog.With a blog you are also able to gain feedback in real time via comments to your posted article.

Strategy 2. Use PPC (PayPerClick) Advertising to sell more online

Google’s Flagship Product, AdWords is by far the market leader in this advertising arena. Advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. When a user searches Google's search engine, their ad for the relevant word is shown as "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen, and sometimes above the main search results.

Highly effective at driving traffic to a particular web page, it is really important that the customer is channelled into a profitable action. By that we mean, the customer either subscribes, enquires, completes an online enquiry form or makes a purchase. The reason for this is that you will have outlayed a pre-determined dollar amount per click, and this money may well be wasted if the ad is weak or the call to action is not strong enough. There are quite a number of complexities involved when starting Google Ad Words Campaigns (or often referred to as Search Engine Marketing). For more information on how you can develop or remodel your existing pay per click Google Adword Campaigns... Click here to find out more...
Other search engines like Yahoo and MSN also use pay per click advertising strategies.

Strategy 3. Add Videos to enhance your online product sales

If a picture paints a thousand words, then nothing sells a product or service better than an entertaining and/or informative video, and while TV advertisers have known and understood this fact for years, it is only recently that online video productions that stream through your website/blog has been within the reach of most businesses. Thanks to advances in technology and social media, small business owners can now create and share videos with current and potential customers online for much less than the traditional methods of advertising. And as increasingly more and more consumers are hitting the play button for online videos how do you tap into this opportunity to promote your products and services online.

Drive traffic to your product website by developing a product-related video or infomercial that is uploaded to internet directories and social networking sites such as YouTube and Viddler. It’s important to not only add annotations (such as web address and phone numbers) to the video itself, but remember to optimise your video by using keywords in Youtube (for example) and a web address link to your website at the end of your video.

TIP: Email marketing campaigns that drive additional targeted traffic to your videos will also increase the ranking of the video page, which in turn will mean a higher search engine listing which will help more new people to see your promotion. For even better results encourage your audience to post comments and rank your video live online.

Strategy 4. Get Partners

By building a network of online affiliates or partners you are effectively setting up an online referral program. Yes, depending on the “deal you do” you’ll probably need to pay your affiliates a commission on product sale, but you are also creating active sales people within the market. Most commonly affiliates will either advertise your product on their website or within their own e-Newsletters or promotional campaigns to their database.

TIP: Affiliate programs are notoriously difficult to manage without the correct software. A professional affiliate software program will automate the links, commissions and the sign-up of new affiliates.

These four product launch strategies are some of the most effective, inexpensive and low risk strategies for launching information products to the online world. Each strategy has been proven to drive targeted traffic to a website and when used in combination with good copywriting, a targeted product and a working shopping cart, these strategies can produce more online sales, meaning more money in your bank account.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you to launch your information product to your local and global target market, Click here to find out more...

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