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Written on the 7 March 2011 by Altitude Communications

Most businesses these days have a website, whether it's a simple online DIY brochure-type website or a more complex e-commerce online shopping website - the fact is that having a website is pretty much synonymous with being in business. And while many Business Owners get sucked into the beauty or aesthetic qualities of their website, at the end of the day, your website isn't online to look pretty.

One of the most common purposes for having a website is to make online sales. After all without sales a business will cease to exist, and creating a website that converts sales online can dramatically reduce a business' running costs. So you could say a sale is the lifeblood of every business and when it comes to online marketing, the conversion of a lead into a sale is very important.

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can improve the quality of both your opt-in lead generation pages and ultimately your website sales pages. 

As a general rule, typical Website Sales Page can converts anywhere from 5 – 75% depending on a number of different factors, typically the more you ask for, the less it will convert. This applies both to sales pages where the cost of a product is high, but also to lead capture information where the prospect is asked to complete a lot of information about themselves in order to qualify.

Here are 4 simple tips that you can use to create website sales pages that convert online leads into paying customers.


  • Defining your target

The first step in creating website sales pages that convert is to ensure that the products or services you are selling through your sales pages are what your target market or audience is looking for. If the niche you’ve chosen isn’t really sale-able online, you’ll probably be spending all your time, money, and effort for nothing. Therefore, conduct surveys on what your target market is looking for and how your product or service can solve their problems. This will guide you with valuable feedback and website text copy that you can include on your website sales page.


  • Creating a Website Sales Page

Of course, you’re not going to make any income without the website itself. Once you have all of your information ready, create a high quality website that is appealing to your visitors and follows the "three second, three click rule." That is if the website doesn't load in three seconds or your visitor can't get what they need in three clicks the chance of your visitor leaving your webpage is very high. If you'd like help creating a lead generation and sales conversion website, please click here.

Remember, there are a lot of tools, strategies and methods that you adopt to ensure your visitors can easily access the information they need. Things like testimonials (video, podcasting and written), article marketing, shopping carts and RSS feeds to name a few. Plus don't underestimate the importance of capturing your prospect's details throughout your website - not just on the  home page. Obviously the easiest way to manage this form of communication is via email marketing autoresponders. If you'd like more information on email marketing autoresponders or creating an effective lead generation strategy that works to funnel hot targeted leads into your business, please click here.


  • Getting found online

The key to generating income through websites is to structure your website for Search Engine Optimisation. This includes using pre-determined keywords and phrases in your website text, page names, meta descriptions, meta keywords and XML site maps in such a way that search engines like Google and Yahoo are able to easily find and index them. As with all things, the best place to be on a search engine listing is at the top, so it pays to get your site listed quickly. To select your keywords, you can use a free tool, such as Google's keyword selector tool, or simply conduct searches on Google yourself to see the number of searches in the previous month. Then you need to pepper the content of your site with these  keywords and phrases. A basic rule of thumb for keywords is to put the keyword or phrase no more than 3 times in 100 words, whilst still ensuring that your sentence/paragraph makes sense. It's also a good idea to bold your keywords and phrases wherever possible, and to include them in your page headlines and page names.


  • Converting the sale

The most crucial part of the process of creating website sales pages that convert is writing the content of your website. Copywriting is KING! This is the part where your readers are going to spend most of their time, so make sure that when writing your sales copy you are using their language and focusing on the benefits that your product or service offers in solving their deepest issues and problems. 

Here are some elements that every website sales page should include:

  1. A great headline in a big bold font.

    Your headline could make or break your sales page. Your headline is your first chance to capture your prospect's attention. It should be benefit-driven and appeal to the exact target market you are looking to attract. Remember you have only 3 seconds at most to capture your prospect's attention before they will click away, so spend a little extra time working on this VERY important element.  HERE'S a tip: putting quotation marks around your headline gives it even more power and credibility.

  2. A sub-headline that explains and intrigues.

    Your sub-headline should be a continuation of your headline. It should be placed directly under your headline, but in a smaller font. It's really a summary of what you're going to talk about in the rest of your website sales page.

  3. Build your credibility (either yours or your products)

    This is where the benefits really come in. You not only need to identify your prospect's pain point,but you also need to provide the ultimate outcome and solution for that pain. Remember if your product does not solve a problem that they can identify with, the chances of you converting them into a sale will be dramatically reduced.

  4. Add success stories

    Remember, people buy from people, and if you've got lots of people singing the praises of your product or service, it will be much more attractive to your prospect. Video and audio testimonials are a lot more effective than written testimonials, but these can be improved with pictures of the person.

  5. Eye-catching graphics

    It is important not to go overboard in using graphics, however, if you do choose to use visual representations. Make sure they are relevant to the copywriting and content contained in your sales page. For example: if you claim that your product assists people to loose weight, it would make good sense to include a before and after shot.
  6. Lead generation capture forms

Just because your prospect didn't purchase from you today, doesn't mean they won't reconsider purchasing your product or service in the future. With this in mind, it always makes good sense to include a capture device on your sales page offering your target market high quality free information like an e-Book, a MP3/CD recording or an ongoing e-Zine Subscription. This way you will be able to continually market to them over and over again. Remember it can take between 7 to 9 times for a prospect to be exposed to your products and services before they purchase. If you'd like some help creating lead generation capture pages and website sales pages that make money, click here to find out more. 

Remember taking the time and creating website sales pages that convert prospects into paying customers can make the difference between a website that simply sits in cyberspace, and one that actively promotes and sells the benefits of your business to your customers. It is worthwhile putting in the time and effort to sculpt and tweak your sales pages to ensure maximum conversion.

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