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Written on the 13 December 2010 by Altitude Communications

Marketing, in its simplest form is about getting the maximum number of people to know, love, recognise (and buy from) your brand and your business - whilst, especially if your accountant has anything to do with it, balancing this need with an economic reality that equates to more money in than out. Now as you are no doubt aware the number of marketing opportunities out there is limitless and some smart little boffins are always inventing or reinventing something new to be tried, tested, used or discarded. But every once in a while a new technology gives small business owners an opportunity to play in the leagues of the "big boys," and make a big splash without a big chunk of cash.

Broadcasting live to an audience of millions in all corners of the world was previously a marketing idea that was only plausible if you had the marketing budget of Coke, IBM or MacDonalds - but not any more. 

Thanks to a new online initiative called Ustream.TV, a live video broadcast platform, in less than two minutes you can set up your own channel and be broadcasting live to an international audience. You can broadcast your own seminars, conferences, talk shows, workshops, training and information sessions, either through your Ustream channel or via your own website.

The other benefit to both you and your customers is that the platforms allows viewer interaction, giving your viewers the opportunity to take part in your presentation or ask questions. Imagine how powerful this would be in building your brand…

We would suggest that using you schedule and advertise live workshops on your topic of expertise. Invite your client database to participate, and ensure you run the workshop at a time that is suitable for your clients. This may be at lunch time or in the evening, or perhaps even early morning, before the work day starts.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead. Therefore, know in advance what you are going to discuss and have a running sheet with some notes in front of you to avoid hitting a blank, which can be distracting for your viewers and cause them to log out. However, don’t feel that your broadcast needs to be of Oscar winning status. Your viewers don’t expect this either. Let your personality shine through and keep it real and interesting.

Include a topic and agenda in your advertising, so your clients know what to expect will be covered in the workshop. It is probably a good idea to ensure that your broadcast lasts no longer than an hour at the most, due to the time constraints of your clients, and include time at the end for questions and interaction.

After you have run a few live broadcasts and ironed out any complications that may have arisen, such as technical issues, determining the best format and time for your broadcast, etc, you may start to ask your clients for their feedback on what topics they would like to see covered in future broadcasts. Then you can plan ahead by sending them a schedule in advance.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your broadcasts to keep interest levels high. Invite special guests with expertise in related topics to take part, perhaps include a competition during the broadcast where a viewer can win something of value to them, and even start to promote the broadcasts to a wider audience. You can do this by putting an article in associates’ newsletters, or a link on their website. You may even strike an agreement with your associate whereby you share audiences and appear as guest speakers on one another’s websites.

Remember that you might appeal to an international audience, so if your business can trade overseas too, make sure your broadcasts are appealing and make sense to your viewers overseas too. Who knows – your live broadcasts might even create international business opportunities for you that you never anticipated!

The possibilities are endless, and there is no reason why you can’t start reaping the benefits by broadcasting live immediately. Visit http://www.ustream.tv/get-started for a few simple steps to get you on your way to international stardom!


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