Discover the 10 Strategies To Increase The Traffic On Your Website

Written on the 20 March 2019 by Altitude Communications

10 Strategies To Increase The Traffic On Your Website

In today's world, we rely heavily upon our websites to promote our businesses and to communicate with our prospects. With all the billions of websites out there, you need to do something clever to attract visitors to yours. This time we've included a business guide that gives you ten strategies to increase the traffic on your website and expose more potential customers to your products or services. Best of all, these strategies, although simple to implement, will give you the key to the online world.

Strategy 1 - SEO Techniques

The first popular strategy is to ensure your clients can find you via a search engine, such as Google. There are many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that you can use to improve your rankings and get more traffic from search engines. The three most important SEO techniques are:

  • Getting other popular and important websites to link their site to yours,
  • Choosing the most important words that describe your business AND the phrases that you think people will use when they search for your site on Google and then making sure they are in important places such as headings, title page, meta tags and page descriptions,
  • and finally by creating a text link to every page on your site or create an XML sitemap of your website's page structure. This ensures Google's web-crawlers are able to easily read the content of your site, and rank it accordingly.

Strategy 2 - Links

Another great way to increase the traffic on your website is to get as many reputable websites as possible to display a link to your site. Some useful techniques to get links include:

  • Placing an advertisement on an associate's site with a link to yours;
  • Getting your hyperlink displayed on their page;
  • and writing an article on your area of expertise for an associate's site.

Strategy 3 - Blog

The third strategy is to include a blog (or online journal) on your site. If your blog gets a reputation as a good read, it will become popular and your website traffic will increase dramatically.

Strategy 4 - Email Marketing

Another key strategy for boosting your website traffic is frequent communication. Sending regular eNewsletters is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects to keep your brand top of mind. Include a 'read more' link on them so that when the reader clicks on this link, they are taken directly to your website to read the full article.

Strategy 5 - Articles

Writing articles and eBooks on topics that you are knowledgeable about is a great way to position yourself as the expert in your chosen field. Put every article and eBook you write on article listing websites and then when people find your articles or eBooks on these sites and choose to read them, they will be linked directly to your site or presented with your website address.

Strategy 6 - Giveaways

Give people an incentive to come to your site, such as information or product giveaways, website vouchers and special offers but make sure you get something in return. In order to get your giveaway, make sure that you capture your prospect's details via a database capture device or form.

Strategy 7 - Interesting Content

People are more likely to return to your website and tell other people about it if it offers them more than just somewhere to buy your product. So make sure you include some interesting items such as online forums, surveys, and quizzes.

Strategy 8 - Promote It!

Remember to promote your website in ALL your marketing. Places you would display the address include your business cards, telephone directories, uniforms, advertising and promotion, mail-outs and also on your email signature.

Strategy 9 - Directories

Another good strategy to get traffic to your site is to ensure your website is included in online directories such as Industry directories, Chambers of Commerce directories or Geographical directories.

Strategy 10 - RSS Feeds

And finally, when you produce regular articles or a blog, look into generating an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to promote your business further. This means that you can instantly send your web feeds or online articles to anyone that has subscribed to it.

And an extra strategy for the hell of it...

The most basic key to building repeat traffic is to create a website that is useful, unique, and full of good content.

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