Discover the Do's and Don'ts for Advertising on Facebook

Written on the 18 April 2011 by Altitude Communications

Social networking is not only the buzz-word on everyone’s lips, but the community everyone has to be part of, or miss out on what is happening in the world of their “friends.” Many people use Facebook as a business networking tool, rather than simply a way of sharing photos. As community is becoming increasingly important in this high tech age, it is a well known fact that people would rather do business with people they consider friends, than with strangers. Hence the rise of global Facebook's popularity.

Having recognised the importance of Facebook, and realising that most of the developed world’s population and their dog has a profile (we are not joking about the dog part either), it would be a mistake not to take advantage of the advertising opportunities available on Facebook. However, as with all advertising channels, there are specific tactics you can utilise to make the most of your advertising dollar.

The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that the advertising is targeted by age, gender, location and interests among other things.

The pricing is flexible, so you can either pay for number of clicks or number of impressions so you know you are reaching the right audience. You are also able to measure the performance of your ad because Facebook sends you feedback including suggestions on how to optimise your ad as well as information on which demographics are clicking on your ad.

Before getting started, you will need to decide how you would like your ad to be displayed. The options are either on the left hand side of the page or in the context of the News Feed and attached to relevant social stories. The ads are highly visible to Facebook users which is a definite plus.

Take the time to view Facebook’s terms and conditions (of which there are actually quite a few) before creating your ad. They include the obvious, such as ads must use correct spelling, as well as some useful advice like not including excessive repetition (free, free, free) or excessive capitalisation.  

However, to really ensure the best outcome for your ad (that is, as many relevant click-throughs as possible) you need to employ some tactics.

The first piece of advice we would give is to use people in the image on your ad. This is because users of Facebook are in the mode of looking at profile pictures and looking at their friends' photos, so your ad, with a face, is less likely to be overlooked. This is likely due to users checking the picture to see whether they know the person.

When writing your copy, choose your headline wisely – it needs to grab the Facebook user's attention. Remember that the text needs to be short to increase the chances that it will be read. And a contest may be more appealing to some people who aren't ready to buy. And finally, and most important, don't forget to include your call to action. To maximise your chances of succeeding on Facebook, you may like to consider using a program such as Altitude's My Lead Generator Program. Click here for more information.

Another important tip – make sure your landing page is relevant to your ad. It should not be entirely different or confusing to the user, or you might lose them altogether, plus you will be charged for their wasted click.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different ads and different text to see what works for you. Try a couple and measure the results – there may be some valuable feedback in there for you.

 As tempting as it may be for you, don't select all the options in terms of demographic – this will result in you wasting your money by capturing irrelevant users. Be specific, work out which group your product is targeting and put all your effort and money into attracting them to your website.

The popularity wave that is Facebook can certainly be used to benefit your business, if done effectively. Follow the trend and cash in on the social networking craze too.


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