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Written on the 21 November 2008 by Altitude Communications

The best ways to work smarter, but not harder, for maximum results.

Most small businesses do not achieve the success they are capable of due to a simple reason that could be easily resolved.

The problem that many small business owners fail to recognize is that there is only one of them, and they are not necessarily the expert in all areas of a small business.

Therefore, the trick is to work smarter, not harder. But, like with many adages it is easier said than done.

Here we explore some effective strategies to attain maximum results in your business activities.

Firstly, while it is widely acknowledged that right at the beginning you will need to put in long hours and lots of hard work to get the business up and running, make a goal to create a system for your business that will, sometime in the future, allow your business to continue making money, even without you.

Now, this differs depending on the industry and products/services you provide to your market, however a system, no matter how simple, will improve your workflow and management of your business.

One idea that does not cost a lot of money, but provides instantaneous reactions to customer enquiries is the use of auto-responders. You can have one set up to perform many different duties, however the most simple is an auto-responder that sends an email to your customer acknowledging you have received their email and will be in touch with them shortly. Other systems, like ‘Shopping Cart’ allow your customers to purchase products online, so you are making sales while you sleep. Perfect!

The Altitude Communications' FastTrack eMarketing System allows you to automate your communication - effectively automating your sales process. Like a silent sales person, autoresponders will communicate on your behalf to each and every member of your database.

You could also create an auto-responder email to respond to a customer enquiry providing information on FAQ's about your products/services, and they can contact you if they require further information. The more you can remove the need for your contribution in order for your business to survive, the better.

Another area of your business you may need to look into in time is outsourcing those areas that fall outside of your area of expertise. This will allow you to work on the business, rather than in it, wasting precious time struggling with tasks that somebody else could perform in half the time for a minimal fee. And when I say outsource, I am referring to contractors, who effectively cost less than full-time employees (depending on the amount of work you need completed). Use experts to your advantage, as they will help you increase the effectiveness of your systems, and free you to do what it is that you do best (this is how your business will make the most money!)  

While we are assuming that you offer a product or service that is of value to others in the first place, and therefore will be sold, never be afraid to expand upon your product range in order to grow your business and the potential of bigger profits in the future. However, always be careful that you are not acting on a whim – do your market research!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you can do it all on your own. By utilizing the most recent applicable technology to help you create effective systems, and allowing the skills and expertise of others that are the best qualified to provide assistance to your business, you will have the best opportunity, not only to survive in business, but also to grow.

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