Effective Database Marketing

Written on the 15 March 2009 by Altitude Communications

Powerful ways to get your database to love, trust and buy from you

One of the most effective and powerful marketing tools online is your database.  You don't necessarily need the largest database full of emails.  Some marketers have huge databases full of useless emails on the belief that in order to make money all you need to do is to broadcast an email to everyone on the list.  Wrong.  You need a database that is responsive, clients that are interested in what you have to sell or to say, it is a waste of time and money creating a list of clients that won't even read you email.  The key to effective database marketing is to create an ongoing relationship with both prospective and current clients, which in return will help you to generate a long-term income stream.

Building the database is just the first step and is only part of the equation; the other part is to keep your subscribers with the aim to generating regular enquiries and ongoing sales.  To achieve this you need to build rapport and trust with your subscribers.

Here are some powerful ways to building a responsive database list and getting that list to love, trust and buy from you:

Effective Database Marketing1. Send useful information on a regular basis

Send regular tips or articles in your emails.  Create a valuable report or e-book that is relevant to your niche market and offer it as a free benefit to subscribers.  Ensure it contains useful information that will keep your customers wanting more. Altitude’s AutoPilot Program will take the stress out of creating and sending regular communication with your database, click here to find out more.

2. Provide a function for opinions and feedback

Remember your database should be a two way communication tool.  Ask your subscribers for their opinions and feedback on articles or provide a survey to research their needs and what kind of products or services that they are interested in.  By conducting this type of interaction you can build a strong and powerful relationship. Did you know the Altitude Communications FastTrack System includes a comprehensive survey management system, at no extra cost… click here to find out more…

3. Welcome questions and respond quickly

Invite subscribers to ask any questions regarding products on offer, tips, articles or reports and make it a point to respond to their queries as quick as you can.  Answer their questions thoroughly.  If you make a subscriber wait for more than 48 hours, their patience will wear and you may lose that customer and any potential customers they may tell.

Keep a check on yourself regularly and pose the following questions to yourself regarding your last email to your subscribers:

  • Did I offer them something of value? A free e-book or tip, article, special report or expert advice.
  • Did I communicate in a way that my subscribers can trust my advice and in return will either enquire or buy from me?
  • Did I ask for their valued opinion and encourage feedback and interaction?
  • Did I encourage them to refer my business to others and also share the information with others?
  • Is the information that I am providing relevant to my subscriber list?
  • Am I delivering the ongoing information that I originally promised my subscriber list?

If you have managed to incorporate all of the above you are well on your way to building a responsive and money generating database.

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