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Written on the 21 June 2010 by Altitude Communications

Target your marketing campaign through Opt in emails

Opt in email marketing is one of the best ways to target your goods and services online to customers who are actually interested in what you are selling.  A permission based newsletter is one of the most effective marketing tools as it is fast, personal and less expensive than main stream advertising. 

With an opt in email customers agree to accept information , promotions and ongoing industry related tips regarding your business, therefore, you can use email newsletters to welcome new customers and to keep in contact with existing ones, send coupons for particular discounts or services or even message announcing new products or events.

The following is some useful advice to get the most out of your opt in email:

To attract as many new subscribers as possible ensure your opt in page is clean, simple and user friendly that encourages confidence, trust and value.  Maybe provide a sample of future messages, use bonuses and incentives, make it worthwhile for the customer to share their email address with you and also provide a brief note about your privacy policy.  Remember the main purpose of an opt in web page is to capture their details by giving away useful free information in the form of an e-Book, Special Report, CD, e-Zine or gift.

When producing your newsletter or business tips you need to decide on a few things first.  What is its frequency, this will be dependant on how much time you have to work on it, and how often you think customers would like to receive it without it being annoying.  Give them the option of receiving it at difference frequencies – daily, weekly, monthly etc.  For the content of your newsletter concentrate on topics your customers will be interested in, possibly use real life scenarios. Click here to discover the benefits from using FastTrack Email Marketing.

So you have created your newsletter, now it is time to send it out.  Don’t purchase, trade or borrow an email list.  Sending messages to customers who haven't given you permission is considered spam and you could get into trouble under federal laws regarding advertising and spamming. 

Send a welcome and congratulations message to new subscribers immediately, confirm with them what they have subscribed and also let them know how to unsubscribe if they choose to opt out.  If you haven't sent an email for a while, ask subscribers to confirm whether they want to continue their subscription by sending you an email, clicking a link or visiting your webpage.  Many people forget which businesses they have subscribed to.  Alleviate any confusion or spam complaint by including in your message a short note such as "Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter…."

Always include your address and phone number so that customers can place and order or make an inquiry about your services and reply promptly to each inquiry or spam complaint.  When you respond to a spam complaint include the subscriber's sign-up information with your response.  In order to do this you must keep accurate sign-up records including the date and the web address from which they signed up.

It is very important that you use a 'spam compliant' email marketing system like FastTrack eMarketing System.  The recipient must have the ability to unsubscribe from each email that you send to them.  These are just some simple guidelines for you to make the most out of your permission based marketing campaign.

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