FastTrack eMail Marketing Enhancements

The continuing success of our FastTrack Email Marketing and Next G Website Systems is based on the prosperity and happiness of our customers.

In fact, your success is so important to us, that we continually invest a lot of time and money in order to enhance our products, add new features and ensure that they're on the cutting edge of technology.

What you may not know is that every time we upgrade our products, you, as an existing client, get the upgrade to your system for FREE!

Increased Ability to get through Spam Filters...

As the efficiency of Spam Filters increase - so do we to keep up with them. We are constantly updating the technical back end of your eMarketing system to manoeuvre our way through spam filters more successfully.

Faster Sending Speed...

As our number of users increase, we have had to increase the flexibility of sending times, as well as the speed that our emails are sent.

You can now select the "Send Immediately" option (which it does now with no time delay) as well as select a particular hour you are wanting your campaign to go.

For personalisation, as well as to increase the system's effectiveness in getting through spam filters, every campaign sent is sent individually with each email being sent 1 by 1.

We are excited to say that with recent amendments, we have been able to super sonically increase our speed. For example: If you are sending 15,000 emails - this will now amazingly take about an hour to go (that is about 4 per second - WOW) .

Campaign Statistics...

Our campaign analysis system has just got smarter. Now you can now view and/or compare the statistics of single or multiple campaigns statistics. This feature will help you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and help you to see if your results are improving. This is a key feature to smart marketing - being able to test and measure what you are doing and based on results, constantly improve your marketing to get greater outcomes.

Increased Functionality with Contacts...

Our Contacts area has been improved too. Now you can easily sort by category (by clicking on column headings), select all (by selecting the top email box, then choosing your action at the bottom of the list) and even the number of contacts you view per page (choosing your nominated number per page, at the top right of your list). This increased functionality will make it easier for you to keep your database up-to-date and grouped according to need.

Mass Management of Bounces...

Within the reports area of your campaigns you can now pull up all bounced email addresses and view the reasons why they bounced. Plus, with just one click of your mouse button, you can re-activate the address and manage your bounces. 

Plus, our new "Resend to Unopened" feature allows you to easily resend the campaign instantly to only those who appear to have not opened the campaign the first time it was sent.

Final Tidy Up on Importing Contacts...

To assist with cleaner databases (even though we highly recommend that you clean your databases prior to importing them into the FastTrack eMail Manager), we have added the last step in the import process to show all invalid emails.

This feature will allow you to easily view all invalid email addresses, and either clean them up or delete them.

Sorting and Viewing Pleasures with your Image Manager...

You can now select, in the top right of your image manager, how you want to show your images - by alpha (name) sort or by date sort. You can also decide how many images wide you want them displayed within your image manager.

Author:Altitude Communications
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