Here's 5.5 million reasons for your business to become SPAM Compliant

Written on the 2 April 2007 by Altitude Communications

Let's face it, unsolicited emails, also known as SPAM, are irritating, time-consuming and a drain on our resources. Plus, not only is this flood of unwanted advertising messages hard to stop, but it seems to be increasing. World-renowned for its tough anti-spamming laws, Australia is now leading the charge in the criminal prosecution of SPAM senders. In fact, just last October, a Perth-based company was fined a total of $5.5 million dollars for sending unsolicited advertising emails. This is the beginning of the Australian Spam laws being enforced...

When it comes to SPAM, the buck stops with you. If you aren't willing to spend your hard-earned business revenue on such convictions, then it's important that you ensure your emails are sent legally to the right people. And don't think just because you haven't stolen or purchased a list you are OK - because the spam laws in Australia are quite particular on some very basic areas of business emailing.

To help you to avoid sending SPAM into cyberspace, we've listed a few important tips below...

Be Informed... With the amazing advantages of all things online, comes the risk of over-utilising such assets or worse, not using them properly. Sending out unsolicited emails, regardless of if it is in bulk or not, is an example of such misuse; besides the poor results of such a campaign speak for themselves. Worse still, by sending out such material you could find yourself in very hot water with the law.

For example, sending bulk email or even just one unsolicited email, from a mail agent such as Outlook, can result in you receiving a hefty fine, and Outlook will not save you if you find yourself in such a situation. If you are smart and using this powerful medium (the Internet), you need to invest in an ePromotion software solution (Database Marketing Solution). From this useful software, you will gain many benefits, not to mention the fact that it will keep you SPAM Compliant.

The only way to safeguard your business is to be informed, so it's a good idea to do some research into what you can legally send and to whom before you decide to press the "GO" button on your eMarketing.

Know the law... Australia's SPAM Act 2003 leaves little room for flexibility. It's up to you to choose the type of eMarketing that stays on the right side of the law and still suits your purposes. Here are five key steps to ensuring your company's eMarketing are SPAM Compliant:

1. Do some research, and become aware of what is covered in the Act. The Act includes emails, short message services (SMS), multi-media message services (MMS), and instant messaging (IM) that have originated in Australia or have been sent to an address that will be opened in Australia.

2. It is essential that you obtain permission from the people you are sending the material to, either through express consent, or via inferred consent, based on your business or other relationship with that person.

3. Your clients must be able to view and edit their details to prevent any commercial online material going to addresses that it shouldn't.

4. All commercial material you send online must be easy identifiable, containing clear company contact details. The material must also identify you as the sender of the message or as the person who has authorised the sending the message.

5. Give your clients an opportunity to opt out. The Act specifies that your commercial online material must include a working unsubscribe facility. It is also important that you honour these unsubscribe requests promptly.

Choose effective techniques... Studies into advertising and marketing effectiveness agree that on average at least 80% of your marketing isn't working effectively. And while traditional marketing methods make it difficult to easily measure which part is working, the beauty of the eMediums is that analysis is easy.

Use the reporting functions of an ePromotions package to discover which part of your eMarketing mix is actually doing all of the work for you, and then refine your eMarketing to meet these parameters.

Fast track your returns... Essentially, marketing success online is all about finding an ePromotions program that is uncomplicated and that works for you.

We have such a product you can use - <name> works with you to easily assist you in being SPAM Compliant, and provides a great suite of tools that will help you facilitate your businesses growth (eMail marketing, online surveys, event management, eCards, SMS, physical cards, campaign reporting, database management etc). Best of all it will make you look great, be professional, add value to your business and it is easy to use.

Read More... Bottom line, you need to be very aware of the dangers that could lie ahead for your business if you choose to send commercial messages that don't meet the basic requirements of our SPAM Laws here in Australia.

Click here to find out more about the company who was fined $5.5 million for sending spam.

Better yet, avoid this consequence and read up on the 2003 Australian SPAM Act by clicking here. You'll be glad you did.

It all comes down to knowing what works for you. Why not sit down with one of our consultants to discuss how you can legally boost your business' profile out in cyberspace, and fast track your business' returns?

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