How small changes in your email marketing campaign can make all the difference

Written on the 29 October 2008 by Altitude Communications

Email marketing, or opt-marketing as you may know it, can be an incredibly powerful lead generation tool, however, as with many business tools we utilise, its success depends more on the operator than the tool itself. With a well-thought-out and researched action plan, and good content, email marketing can be an instantaneous and effective marketing strategy, virtually low cost and simple, that will increase your business and grow your profitability. However, it can also be disastrous to your business success. Here we investigate a few small, easy to overlook but very important, keys that influence the overall success of your campaign.

Your clients and prospects like to know that you are communicating with them as individuals, and therefore it is important to greet them by name in all of your email communication with them. This is simple to set up via your email marketing system. However, sometimes subscribers don’t give you this information when they first subscribe, to retain their privacy or they may be too lazy to complete the form correctly, so why not send them an email requesting their name. It is also a good idea to make sure that your opt-in form makes the “name” field compulsory to complete.

The way your content is presented goes a long way in ensuring that it is read and valued. If it looks bad, your subscribers will not see it as a credible communication from you, and it also reflects badly on your professional image and branding. Ensure that the overall look of the campaign reflects your corporate branding. There needs to be a connection between all of your marketing material, and this is one extremely important piece of your marketing. The logo, branding, font, colours, design and even tone used in the writing needs to reflect the overall corporate branding.

Beware of using too many symbols, like exclamation marks and dollar signs, within the body of the text. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, and most importantly, spam filters will not let emails through that contain a lot of exclamation marks and dollar signs all in a row, because these types of emails are likely to be spam and unwanted advertising material. And, secondly, nobody likes to read text peppered with these kinds of symbols because the writing doesn’t flow. The truth is that you can express your point even more effectively through clever use of words instead.

If done properly, opt-in marketing could well result in your business achieving success through hot leads and repeat business. But it is always a good idea to consult with a professional and reliable service for your email marketing needs and they can provide advice specific to your business requirements. 

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