How to create an information product within 24 hours

Written on the 17 August 2009 by Altitude Communications

Everyday millions of people go online to buy and download information from ebooks, special reports, articles, software packages and membership programs.  We are a society craving information and you can learn here how to make money from giving consumers what they want.

A great money spinner is to find a profitable product with a unique selling point and market it as an information product.  Information products can be packaged and presented as original or unique to your business.  They have the ability to make money quickly if you are prepared to work hard to market them.  If you are short on time, you can create a product, get it ready for sale within just 24 hours, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. What information do you want to share, what are you an expert at?

Everyone has information that is valuable because it is based on personal experience.  What have you experienced in your life that is worth sharing with others.  Have you unlocked the secret to losing weight fast, share this with others who might be struggling or do you have another ailment that you have resolved, share it.  You could create an audio program within a couple of hours detailing exactly how you lost all you weight or what the remedy was for your health issue.

2. Research your targeted audience.

You will need to target a specific audience to sell your product to.  It is now time to find out what big questions they have.  For example, what are people who have a weight problem struggling with? What is it that causes them to buy? What are they looking for when researching a weight loss program? Online forums can provide a great deal of research on topics such as these. Other avenues include surveys, other websites and more traditional research methods. Spend your time doing the research and make note of the questions, you can then answer them in your audio program.

3. Interview yourself or someone else.

Set up an interview and ask questions derived from your research.  Who you interview will be determined by your research. In many cases, you should be the "star" of the interview, but maybe your research shows that there one or two people are the prominent source of information on your area of interest, if this is the case and these people aren't competitive to your business, take advantage of their expert status, and interview them. Record the interview as an audio file to your computer, save the files in MP3 format and then upload them to a secure website. This is where your buyer will download the program after purchase, so remember not to optimise this page, or make it visible to passing Internet Traffic.  

TIP 1: If your audio file is large, consider creating two or more files as this will be easier for buyers to download.  Remember not all people have the luxury of fast broadband at home.

TIP 2: To really value add to your information product, consider either getting it transcribed, and providing that file as an additional research to your buyers, or having that transcription turned into an eBook, to give you an additional product to sell online.

4. Write a sales pitch.

Keep it online, keep it short…your aim is get your product selling.

TIP 3: If you're pitching your product internationally, follow the standard structure for a US Sales letter (really long with lots of testimonials etc), bear in mind however, that this structure does not appeal to everyone - especially Australian audiences. Consider targetting different sections of your audience with different sales pitches.

5. Ways to promote your information product fast.

You have created your audio program and it is now ready to sell.  It is time to get it seen by people in your niche who are prepared to pay money for it. When starting the promotions process, we always look internally first, would your existing database be interested in this product? If the answer is even remotely yes, then you would use your email marketing system to promote your new product to your database. Remember to that a program such as Altitude's My Lead Generator, has the ability to add lots of hot interested prospects to your database, who are ready to receive your information. For more information on our FastTrack eMail Marketing or My Lead Generator Program, please click here.

 Forums are an excellent avenue to promote your new information product, but rememeber to create a link to your sales pitch from your forum signature.  People are looking for solutions and your product might just be the answer.You could also consider placing ads on high traffic websites such as FaceBook and YouTube, certain email newsletters such as our My Marketing Mentor, or even Google Ad Words.

TIP 4: If your information product is a lead in tool for other products or services in your range, you should also consider setting up an automated email marketing system, that will lead your new customers through the sale, not only of this information product but other products or services (online or offline) that they may need.

You have just created your new information product within 24 hours and will be on your way to selling it. Like to see some of our information products? Please click here.

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