How to get the attention you want through Public Relations

Written on the 30 October 2006 by Altitude Communications

How to get the attention you want through Public Relations

How to get the attention you want through Public Relations!



             Public relations is a fantastic marketing tool that all successful businesses are using to gain an edge over their competitors and keep their target audience informed about business affairs.  Julia Kent, Communications manager at TT Group Communications informs us that knowing your key audience back-to-front is the first step in running a solid public relations program, "Understanding the issues impacting them, their concerns, motivations and desires will highlight what the business needs to communicate and how to reach them.  Without targeted audiences and a purposeful,strategic PR approach, businesses often struggle to gain a return or investment."


            Once you've pinpointed your target market, its important to decide exactly how to go about your public relations program.  Julia tells us that there are two key methods for SMEs to initiate a media program, "Outsourcing media relations through a public relations specialist is an effective method because the PR specialist is then responsible for distributing press releases and organising press conferences."  Alternatively some companies have internal marketing specialists that are responsible for public relations communications. 


            Julia believes that a business should decide which of these approaches would be most beneficial for the business, "The business should consider the level of knowledge or insight required for creating communications with the right angle.  Would an external, unbiased perspective be beneficial to connecting with your audiences, or an informed, internal one?"  Although PR professionals usually have established media contacts and relationships, quality newsworthy communications tailored to fit targeted media publications will always standout from the hundreds of media releases editors receive daily.   



Above all, public relations activity should aim to compliment and enhance your business' existing marketing program.  Julia fills us in on some useful tactics that can assist in generating awareness of your business.  "Spoken tactics such as presentations and key note speaking at events are excellent opportunities to reinforce strategic relationships.  Visual tactics such as photo opportunities, corporate videos, displays and websites are also useful in supporting marketing themes and messages" says Julia. 


            Although running a media program is a great way to engage with your audience, its not necessarily always the best tactic.  Think about what it is that you're communicating, and the relevance it has to your audience. "Media coverage may be appropriate for a blanket approach but may not be suitable for other audiences such as shareholders or business partners" Julia says.  Considering your audience and the message you are conveying will help you find the best approach to the issue, which may be different for each audience.  Julia says that "Taking a comprehensive approach to public relations is a way of connecting with different publics on different dimensions. 


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