How to make extra sales by powering up your thank you page

Written on the 8 August 2008 by Altitude Communications

Discover the secrets to selling more online product just by improving your thank you page. 

Without doubt, the most important asset in any business is it's database. This seemingly innocuous list of past and present customers, prospects, leads and other people you've met can, if managed correctly, turn your business from a small and mediocre performer into a hugely profitable and widely successful enterprise. It's like the old saying says, "It costs 7 times less to sell to an existing customer, than to get a new one." That being said, your database needs to be managed, and just by making a few small changes, you can ramp up the effectiveness of your online marketing offerings. The number of changes or strategies you can employ is vast, however in this article, we will focus on the thank you page, and the small changes you can make to put your new subscribers into a "buying mood" from the outset.
In short, your thank you page, is the page that appears after your prospects have subscribed to your database or completed a survey or finalised an online sale. It will appear once your prospect has entered his/her information correctly into the form. 
The thank you page has a few goals... Firstly, just because it is common courtesy to thank people for their interest in your products/services, and also, to briefly and subtly reinforce the benefits of subscribing to receive your eNewsletter, eBook, etc, and lastly, to impart some important information to your prospect.
You begin your message by thanking your prospect and informing them that their subscription has been successful. This is where you can briefly remind them of their brilliant choice in subscribing.  If you use a system that requires a double opt-in, you'll need to remind them of this fact here. In this situation your subscriber will need to confirm their email address by clicking on a link in an email you will send to them.
Many businesses opt at this point to offer their new subscriber a gift to thank them for subscribing and start to build the rapport.
If you do not wish to give a gift at this point, why not provide them with a special offer they can take advantage of. (Depending on your database, a sales offer at this stage can be particularly lucrative.)
Another great idea is to offer them an incentive to refer a friend/family member to your database. This means more contacts for you to market to, and the referring person gets rewarded for their efforts.
The most frustrating thing that can happen to your prospect at this point is the promised email and/or eNewsletter not arriving. Unfortunately, nothing is entirely foolproof and mistakes can occur. It may not necessarily be a glitch with your Email Marketing service-provider either – your prospect may have not entered his/her email address into the form correctly, resulting in the email not arriving. Therefore, include a paragraph on this page with what course of action your prospect should take in this event. This would be either emailing you directly or contacting you by phone should they prefer.
The other reason the email would be received is that their Spam filter may block your email. Advise your prospect to add the address from which the email will be sent to their Spam Filters Address Book.
Connect with your clients personally at every stage in order to build rapport, and a few ways to do this via your thank you page is by signing off with your name, signature and perhaps including your photograph. You may also wish to include your contact numbers and invite your new database subscriber to contact you with any feedback, requests or suggestions.  

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