How to use email marketing to boost your business and grow your customer base...

Written on the 2 June 2009 by Altitude Communications

Today’s technology has provided us with so many new business tools that never existed only 15 years ago. Even as we speak, the world’s greatest technical minds are developing quicker, more interesting and more effective ways to promote your product or service to your potential customers – wherever they may live.

Due to the ever-increasing advancement of technology, the way people do business has changed. A good online presence is now crucial to surviving in today’s business world, and can, indeed, make you richer and more successful than you ever thought possible. However, just as the Internet has made the world smaller and the possibilities for business-people endless, it has also opened up the world to purchasers, increasing your competition tenfold! The trick to staying ahead of your competition is creating repeat business and building customer loyalty. Today’s technology has not only made this possible, but easy and cost-effective.

The quickest method to communicate with your customers and potential customers in this fast-paced world where your customers expect everything to be instantaneous is through email. Long gone are the days where we could rely on letter box drops and snail mail to communicate with our customers. The great news is that this method is almost entirely effortless on your part.

Basically, all you need to do is collect your customers’ and potential customers’ email addressesand ask them to select what products/services they are interested to hear more about. Remember that it is important they understand and give their permission for you to contact them via email with regard to the products/services they have indicated their interest in. Continue to build your customer email database, dividing them into different groups depending on their interest, and then set up a schedule to send your database regular interesting emails, perhaps in the form of an eBulletin, eNewsletter or eZine, with updates about your business and your products/services.

It is important to ensure your email marketing is interesting and relevant to your customers. If you fail to do so, you risk your customers “opting out” or asking to be removed from your list. If this happens, you can be almost certain they will go elsewhere to have their needs met. This is why it’s important to segregate your customers into different groups depending on what product/service they indicated interest in.

Try to avoid your email communication from turning into an “eAdvertisement” every time. Include some interesting and useful articles on your industry. Ensure your topic is well-researched and is presented in a coherent manner. Not everybody is a great writer, so you may consider contracting a professional writer to assist.

It is always a good idea to offer your “members” discounts, special offers and incentives to build their loyalty and ensure they start to look forward to receiving your emails. Why not offer them a special bonus if they refer their friends and family members to your “member” database. This way, your email database will grow, as will your customer loyalty and your business profitability.

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