Instant Income - How to Generate More Instant Income This Year. Part 2 of 2

Written on the 1 January 2016 by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications

Immediate Sources of Income

Last week we introduced you the first in our two part series on how to generate instant income this year. This week we finish the series with how to reignite old customers, affiliate programs, how to use technology to take the work out of contact and our personal favourite continuity programs.

So bring on the income...

Generate More Income This YearReigniting the Flame with Free Giveaways

Whether it's a new client or customer or a potential prospect, you need to be able to turn your data capture into an instant profit making centre. One of the easiest ways of capturing their data is by offering them a collection of free gifts. This may include a weekly eNewsletter, a free eBook, or an MP3 recording or a CD. Depending on your target market, you could also consider a free giveaway or a contest, or some other type of offer.

Why don't you take a moment now to think about your business and brainstorm a number of potential offers that would appeal to your individual target markets.

While you're at it, don't forget about offering these great new offers to your existing customers as this may spark a whole new stream of income for you.

Remember, that these new offers can be delivered to your clients on autopilot using an auto-responder sequence, if you choose to use a professional email marketing system. To make sure that your chosen email marketing system includes Auto-responders, click here. www.FastTrackEmailMarketing.com

Use technology to help boost your business and increase sales

By sending out relevant information to your existing customers with certain links to certain topics you can start to monitor what particular topics of interest are relevant to your customers.

For instance, your regular eNewsletter may have two links; one to product A and one to product B. By going into your email marketing system report, you will be able to see out of, say, 100 people that you sent your email to, which people clicked on which items. Once you've determined that, say, 20 people clicked on product A, you can then add them to a separate group called 'Interested in Product A," and start marketing to those people.

By segmenting your database in this way, you're not only delivering information to your prospects in a timely manner, but you're also creating a niche of customer "hot lists."

Up-selling Your Services with Continuity Programs

Another quick way of generating instant income from your existing customers is by offering on-going support or coaching. Particularly useful for service-based businesses, but also relevant to any product which may require additional education/assistance to fully utilise its features, this type of program can be easily implemented with an email campaign.

You could consider offering your customers a group training environment or, perhaps, a group session which is delivered once a month, which is conducted either in-person or via an eCourse delivered using your email marketing program.

Not only are continuity programs easier to deliver, but there's also a lot more profit than just a one-time sale because you don't have to constantly re-sell to the customer over and over again. At Altitude we specialise in helping clients create effective continuity programs. The Altitude Communications FastTrack eMail Marketing System makes it easy to deliver digital content on autopilot for continuity programs. Click here to TEST DRIVE our FastTrack eMarketing System for FREE.

Here's an extra tip: Consider adding in an affiliate program to increase your income potential even more. By asking your existing clients/customers to refer your regular products and continuity program to their friends and family with the incentive of a 20% or 30% commission, you'll find that your word of mouth advertising will increase exponentially.

Typical Continuity Programs

There are basically two types of continuity programs. There is the open-ended program, or the close-ended program. The main goal for you as a business owner will be to minimise what we call 'the breakage'. This is where a percentage of your clients will drop off from your continuity program, either from lack of interest or maybe they just had a failed payment. The breakage that you experience with your continuity program will depend on the value that you offer, the cost of the program and the on-going support. The better the program and the service that you offer, and the more that you ensure your continuity customers use them, the less breakage you will ultimately have.

So how do you sell a continuity program to your existing customers? Often the most effective time to sell a continuity program is when a client has just come on-board with you.

Once again, this can be done by using a series of auto-responders. For instance, once a client has come on-board with you, you may then trigger the release of a series of auto-responders that share free information, for instance, free articles or a free eBook, and up-sell the continuity program on autopilot through your auto-responders. This will help generate an instant income stream that ultimately increases the lifetime value of your client or customer.

When you are advertising your continuity program, be sure to include the following items:

  1. Advertise the results that have been achieved from previous clients using your continuity program, how often or how long they used it, and ultimately, what it did for them and what the benefits were to their business.
  2. Package your continuity program and add a tremendous amount of value. For instance, in some free eBooks, teleseminar recordings, or in fact, just some MP3 recordings. Be sure to add as much value to any continuity program as this will help to minimise breakage.
  3. Constantly ask for feedback from the people involved in your continuity program. This can be done easily and effortlessly by using products or surveys to your existing clients, like the FastTrack Email Marketing Survey Manager. So that you don't forget, remember to include your surveys in your series of auto-responders as this will automate the entire process making it much easier for you to manage and control.

Once you've gathered your survey data, be sure to feed that back to your existing customers, either via a blog or via email marketing, and share the information that you've gathered with your continuity clients. This builds trust, credibility and an extra level of on-going communications with your new continuity client list.

So there are a number of ways to help you to start generating more instant profit and income in this year.

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Author:Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications
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