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Written on the 12 April 2009 by Altitude Communications

Discover the Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Autoresponders

The current buzz word in business automation is autoresponders. You know, those nifty little emails that can dramatically slash your contact time with new prospects, channel your customers through the sales cycle and even set up the perfect situation for a sale. But while many business people wax lyrically about the idea of implementing an autoresponder series into their business most never actually get around to doing it. And while the excuses pile up and you legitimately justify your decisions, have you considered the damage that not having autoresponders could do to your income?

Consider this ... without autoresponders you could potentially

  • be damaging your customer service reputation - by taking to long to respond to simple queries;
  • putting your team under undue pressure - by making them respond over and over again to the same questions; 
  • missing out on simple sales that could happen without you,
  • or even just working yourself haggard by trying to be all things to all people.

Now we understand that creating a complicated autoresponder series takes time. But it doesn't have to start off as complicated. You see, by simply automating the communication you or your team do more than twice, it can dramatically (and instantly) reduce your workload. Think about it, how many times do you send the same information to multiple people - like product fact sheets, welcome packs, user manuals or other instructions.

Instead of thinking about autoresponders as a colossal task to be undertaken, take the simple approach, and automate as needed, rather than in advance. Sure you should have a vague idea of what the final program should look like, but autoresponders are fluid and take grow, shrink or change as your business needs them to.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to start work on your autoresponder program today:

  1. You can decrease the amount of work you need to do on a daily basis.  As already discussed it takes the time you would usually devote to responding to queries and requests and does it automatically for you.
  2. You avoid the risk of sending spam emails.  Autoresponders provide fast, accurate and nearly instant updates on subscribers who wish to unsubscribe. They can also ensure your database is always accurate by automatically updating the contact's details as per a predetermined timeline - e.g. every 12 months etc.
  3. The business effectively runs itself, by guiding new prospects through your sales funnel.  If you launch a new campaign and you sign up 30 new people to your program and you send out the first email.  Then more people sign up, so you have to resend the first email and so on and so on.  An autoresponder has the ability to do all this work for you. 
  4. It helps build a relationship with your subscribers.  When they first subscribe to your list, you are a complete stranger to them and need to establish their trust and credibility. And when it comes to sales nothing builds rapport like keeping your promises. By using an autoresponder program, your subscriber will be automatically contacted with the information they requested as promised - regardless of what else is going on in your business. 
  5. Add value to your messages.  Don't send annoying messages; remember every person on your database is just one click away from unsubscribing.  Make sure all your messages are meaningful. That they focus on your reader and what he/she needs. Do they need to learn something, feel something or is it simply time for them to get something unexpected from you. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you send, as long as it is beneficial and of interest to your reader. 
  6. Don't try to do a hard sales pitch in your autoresponder messages.  Instead guide your reader through the benefits of your product using information and real world scenarios. Over the course of your autoresponder program, your reader should be convinced that owning your product/service will do wonders for their life/business/looks/etc. Don't go for the quick sale, rather over time start allowing each subscriber to start identifying themselves as a buyer, and remember to give them every opportunity to enquire or buy.
  7. If you have a large list, or are still developing your list, an autoresponder is the best way to send a structured series of communications to your subscribers to ensure that you are maintaining consistent contact with your entire customer base - both active and non-active.

To find out more about how you can start applying these techniques and start building your very own Autorespoder System today click here to find out more.

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