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Written on the 15 November 2010 by Altitude Communications

Tell-tale signs your marketing plan isn't working

The global economic climate is pulling at the purse strings of all businesses.  Global competition is tightening, technology is moving at lightning pace causing products and services to be obsolete in months, sometimes weeks. 

In tough economic times likes these your marketing plan is more important than ever.  So how do you know it is working?  Don't live on the hope that business will eventually turn around, or wait until the next meeting to discuss marketing opportunities, in today's harsh environment there isn't the time to wait and see what happens.  Now is not the time to be left behind unaware of changing customer needs, unseen competition, poor marketing launches and a lack of any real objectives will all add to a failure.  You need to begin to understand whether your marketing plan is meeting your set objectives or determine if it is failing.

Marketing Planning - some tell-tale signs of poorly constructed marketing plans are as follows:

  1. You constantly think about the money you are going to make, without giving any consideration as to how you are actually going to make it.
  2. You haven't thought about your customer value proposition...  do you know what a customer value proposition is?
  3. You blindly believe that everyone is a potential customer.
  4. You think the internet is the only avenue to host your business, there are other channels you can drive your business through.
  5. Have you considered integrating your marketing collateral...  again do you know what your marketing collateral is?
  6. You think you are a marketing wiz and that you don't need to engage any other so called expert to help with your marketing...  after all it's easy isn't it.
  7. You believe good marketing is advertising… and lots of it!
  8. You don't know what your desired outcomes from you marketing plan are.
  9. You know your business really well, you are an expert in your field, but you struggle to talk to people about it, or bring in customers like you expected.
  10. It is more important to you to preach to your customers about your product and service rather than for you to listen to what your customer has to say about your product or service.
  11. You don't have a website, or you do have a website but have absolutely no idea how to use it.   
  12. What are you going to always deliver to your customer...  did you forget to think about that also?
  13. You are reading all these points and thinking "gee, my marketing plans really aren't going to work".

Don't delay, now is the time to honestly review your marketing plan and schedule to do it on a regular basis and you will begin to reap the rewards.

So have a good think about your marketing planning and what you need to change today in order to help boost your business and generate more quality leads.

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