Our 7 Top Tips for Producing Copywriting that Sells

Written on the 6 September 2020 by Altitude Communications

Copywriting Tips That Sell


When marketing products and services on your website, we all know that good copywriting sells. Great copywriting, however, will take your business to heights you never thought possible. Unfortunately, being a brilliant business mind doesn’t automatically make you an adequate copywriter, so here are some tips to put your business firmly on the path to success.

Tip 1. – Include all possible audiences in your writing.

Never assume prior knowledge when writing. By doing so, you will no doubt exclude some audience members who may well have bought from you if they knew what you were talking about.

At the same time, avoid being too clever in your writing. We have all seen advertisements, advertorials, and articles where we have no idea what they are on about. The truth is, we are too busy to waste time figuring it out. If your writing can be understood by a child, then you are on the right track.

Use simple words that a child can understand and remember to use short sentences for effective online copy. Don’t add words or sentences that are unnecessary, however, allow your copy to be as long as it needs to be in order to sell your product or service.

Tip 2 – Use real facts in dollar terms

People love facts and figures, so if you can drum up a few to promote your message, you are on to a winner. Even better if you can convert them into a dollar value (eg, exactly how much your prospects can save or make by purchasing your product or service).

Tip 3 – Talk about Benefits, not Features

Features are the physical characteristics of your product/service while benefits are what your customers will enjoy and exactly how the product will add value to their life by purchasing it. For example, you can talk about “surround sound” as part of a home entertainment system, but the benefit to the customer is that they will feel like they are in a cinema while watching their favourite TV and DVDs. Don’t leave it up to the prospect to try and figure out what it means to him if he opens his wallet and makes a purchase. Just tell him.

Tip 4- Address Objections

Direct Marketers tend to use long copy because they want you to read enough to want to buy the product. So try to address all the potential objections that the majority of your prospects may have. This is what a salesperson in a store would do when their customers make objections. You don’t have that opportunity, so make sure you do it straight away in the copy.

Tip 5 – Repetition

Repeat the same overall message over and over in your copy – it is critical as your prospect cannot be persuaded to buy from you if he doesn’t really get what you are saying. But remember to repeat your message in different ways to mix it up for the reader – eg use it in the introduction, in an anecdote or customer testimonial, and in the conclusion.

Tip 6 – Review your copy

Once you have written it, read it over and over again. Look for spelling and grammatical errors; listen to how it flows. Have you really got your point across? Is there anything else you can add to it? Ask a friend or family member to read it and ask them if it actually makes sense and if they would be persuaded to buy.

Tip 7 – Further the relationship already built

You have written and published your first direct response-based marketing copy. Now what? Remember that it costs more time and more money to find your first customers than it does for repeat business. Therefore, once you have got their attention and they have bought from you, it would be silly to not deepen and further the relationship you have built with them. This is where database marketing comes in. Altitude Communications’ Fasttrack eMarketing system provides exactly this opportunity and can even take care of the copywriting for you, ensuring your customers receive professional, persuasive copy that sells.

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