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Written on the 20 September 2020 by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications

Discover the power of self-promotion and personal branding to position you as a trusted expert.

If you're still hiding behind the safety of your brand then it's time to stand up and be counted. The rise of social media has taken the focus away from "brand names" and turned to the people behind them. There are countless examples of this, even in corporate land... think of tycoons such as Richard Branson, Dick Smith, and Donald Trump, no longer content to be just the brains of the organisation, these men have become the personality at the front of the camera. Not to mention the fact that Barrack Obama ran for president of the United States of America and gained massive exposure using online media, which massively contributed to his success... he certainly didn't hide behind any brand.


So if it's good enough for some of the richest and most powerful people on this planet, don't you think it's time you looked carefully at the way you market you and your business... after all, business is becoming very personal!

Now before you start coming up with excuses why your face and personality shouldn't become part of your company's brand - think about this... People buy from people, so if you're still flogging the same company line, it's likely that some of your customers could start looking elsewhere. And if you need another ego boost to put your best foot forward, you could always think of it in terms of shaping the company culture... from the top down!

But how do you promote yourself without sounding like a braggart or a drone? Here are 4 Quick Tips to help you get started building your personal brand...

1. Create a regular e-Zine (eNewsletter) with Expert Tips that comes from YOU.

Traditional newsletters and mailings can easily berevamped with the "personal factor" in a number of ways. Don't underestimate the power of regular consistent contact as a means of building your personal brand and credibility.


  • Making YOU the sender! As simple as this sounds, consider sending your e-Zine or email broadcasts from you e.g. yourname@yourwebaddress.com.au This instantly increases the personality factor because it makes it seem as if you sent the email yourself. It will also help increase the deliverability of your eNewsletter when trying to cut through the spam filters. Do NOT send it out from news@ or info@ for example, because it's impersonal and will more than likely trigger spam alerts.
  • Including a personal note from you. This is a great way of injecting your personality into the e-Zine. By including a personal note you can inform readers of what's going on with you and your business, but more than that you can also subtly include links and directives to take action to either buy a product or service. Often the introductory note is the most read part of the e-Zine - especially if you add a P.S. after it. One more thing on this point, write your personal note like you're writing to someone you know (and like) don't worry about formality, be friendly, casual and open to get the best result... in fact be conversational when writing your email marketing campaigns.
  • Add a picture of YOU. By adding a picture of yourself in your e-Zine you've suddenly become real to the hundreds or thousands of people on your database. No longer just an anonymous squiggle at the bottom of a letter, you've suddenly got a face and a presence. Your readers will get to associate your face with your product or service and they will start to trust your advice and take your suggestions seriously. The other aspect of adding a photo of yourself is the offline celebrity status you could create. Since adding our photo to our e-Zine, people feel that they know us, they will approach us at networking functions and introduce themselves without prompting. It's a great way of gaining extra credibility and status amongst a group of your business contacts.

2. Write Expert Articles, Blog Posts or e-Books that position you as the expert mind behind your business success

At school, you may have learned that "business writing" is never written in the first person. Well, we're here to tell you that your e-Zine articles need to be all about your reader and their enjoyment of your article. Instead of writing stiff corporate articles that no one wants to read, consider writing like you're talking to your audience. Discover how to position yourself as an expert and Start Making Money Writing e-Books

Feel free to inject your personality into your email marketing campaigns but don't stray too far from your topic. Remember, the aim of the article is not only to give lots of useful information but also to up-sell, so you should try to weave your sales message and what you and your business can do for the reader into the body of your email marketing article as much as possible.

For added credibility, also consider adding links to other resources that will assist to cement your "expert status" in the mind of your reader, and a promotional blurb at the base of every article (we refer to this as a resource box). Scroll down to the very bottom of this article to view our "resource box".

3. Include Success Stories and Testimonials raving about you, your products/services.

This simple inclusion in your email marketing campaigns and online articles will give your readers confidence and give you credibility. People are socially motivated, and by seeing others happily enjoying your product and raving about your service, will give your readers the sense of security they may need to take action now. Remember, adding a photo or video testimonials will increase its impact even further. Here are some examples of Client Success Stories, and notice we have given the option to read, watch or listen, so you have the ability to choose.

Written - Success Stories. Click here to listen to them now...

Audio Recordings - Success Stories. Click here to listen to them now...

Video Recordings - Success Stories. Click here to watch them now...

4. Don't forget your Website.

Adding the personal factor doesn't have to be confined to your email marketing. Remember you're website is a marketing tool, so consider using some of the strategies listed above on your website, in particular, the testimonials, success stories and expert blog/article posts.

So there you have it, four quick tips to help you boost your personal branding, increase your profile and gain trust with your contact database.

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Author:Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications
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