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If a picture says a thousand words, then a photo gallery can do the selling for you. Photo galleries are a great way to display an entire product range without over-burdening the customer. Our sophisticated software allows web users to flick through a selection of images and quickly get the information they require.

Suitable for many kinds of businesses, you may like to consider including a photo gallery if:

  • You have a large range of products,
  • Your product range is complicated and difficult to describe,
  • People are your product e.g. modelling agencies, networking groups etc, or
  • If the sales process could be enhanced by seeing examples of previous work e.g builders, architects, signage companies, furniture manufacturers designers or anyone with a portfolio of work.
  • Our Photo Gallery Software allows for easy uploading and display of any selected images on a website.

Plus, it also features:

  • Automatic & Manual Image Manipulation - The software can automatically resize your image if it is too large or you can get your image just right by manually cropping, rotating and/or resizing.
  • Organise your Images - The software allows you (or your client) to organise the images into multiple galleries, categories or pages.
  • Link your Galleries - Each of the galleries can be linked via the navigation menu, or through any links on any page.

Display Options

Your clients can choose between two display types:

  • Default - Displays the images in a pop-up window with a caption below the image and a surrounding graphic style that is created by our graphic designers.
  • Lightbox - This display method darkens the current page and displays a loading bar. Once the image is loaded, it is then displayed in a frame above the current page. It will also display the caption.
Check out an example here.

Author:Altitude Communications
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