Put more Bang into your New Year's Marketing Plan

Written on the 26 January 2009 by Altitude Communications

While the rest of the world is enjoying their holidays, for many business owners, now is the best time to start contemplating and cementing their marketing plans for the New Year.   And while traditional marketing methods create worthwhile results for some businesses, more and more are discovering that it's the eMediums of the web, eMail, eZines, and eMarketing that are producing the most bang for their marketing buck. But as with most marketing tools, the eMediums can be a black hole for your hard-earned dollars, unless you do it right. Here are a few helpful eStrategies to ensure that you get the most out of your New Year's Marketing bucks...

  1. Constant Exposure Builds Stronger Customer Relationships
    A well-accepted rule of marketing states that you need to be in contact with your customers at least every 90 days - otherwise they will forget that you exist. One method of doing this, without nagging, annoying or calling them, is to send out a series of personalised welcome eMail letters that start from the first day they join you. Automated to reduce your workload, these welcome letters are a great way to introduce yourself, your products and your services.

    Your new customers will feel valued from the outset which will build closer relationship with each of them individually. Remember though, these eMail letters don't have to stop with welcome eMails, you could also use them to advise of new products, special VIP sales, guides, tips and advice, even events and happenings within your business.
  2. Send an eCard...
    A follow-on from the Welcome eMail Strategy featured above, sending an eCard is another great way to cement your relationship with your clients. As well as being free and easy-to-implement, eCards give you the opportunity to let your clients know that they are valued while saving you the hassle of postage and printing. Sending vouchers or prizes along with your eCard takes this idea one step further.

    Think about special events, customer birthdays, holidays and anniversaries and incorporate this into the theme of your eCard campaign. For example: You could use an eCard campaign to generate new clients using a referral scheme or to thank existing clients for referring friends and family to your business. Another great idea is to use automated eCards to celebrate customer's birthdays, holiday events and anniversaries.
  3. The Power of the eZine... The hard-copy newsletter has come of age, and they're better than ever. No longer just the realm of sports clubs and school groups, eNewsletters are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers. An extension of the Welcome eMail Strategy featured above, eNewsletters are a great way to generate new clients and keep in contact with existing ones. The beauty of this strategy lies in its ability to position your business as the expert in your given field, and because it is sent out regularly, the eNewsletter will keep your business at the top of your customer's minds.

    From a content point of view, it's important to remember your audience, and write your eNewsletter with them in mind. Think about what is interesting or useful for your customer - keep it about them and you're sure to get a warm reception. You can use your eNewsletter to keep your customers abreast of events and activities, but also think about adding other topics that provide them with guidance, support and ideas. 

    Remember, it's also vitally important to continually build your list to produce a constant stream of hot leads into your business, to start increasing your contact database list, go to http://www.My-Lead-Generator.com 
  4. On-line Surveys... Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on market research, only to discover that they information they got wasn't useful at all. Imagine if you could get the inside scoop on what your customers were thinking or feeling without breaking the bank.

    Well now you can... on-line surveys allow you to ask specific questions or gain feedback from your customer base without engaging an outside market research company or implementing a complete market research plan. You can use on-line surveys to gain feedback on new products or services, rate your customer service, test advertisements before going to press, or even as part of your sales process.This sales weapon is able to get your prospective customer to answer your questions prior to your meeting, effectively reinforcing your message and speeding up the sales process.  For more information on how to easily create and send effective on-surveys, go to http://www.FastTrackEmarketing.com
  5. Have a website that generates measurable results for your business... Your website doesn't have to be just an on-line brochure. A few simple changes, a couple of action-producing tools and some search engine optimization can help your website to actually add value to your business. This value could take a number of different forms, depending on your business. It could generate new leads, build your database, add value to the sales process, actually make sales, or become a useful information resource for your clients. The sky's the limit, but remember a hardworking website will open your doors to the global marketplace - make sure your ready for the success.

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