Shameless self-promotion: 3 fantastic ways to get your business known!

Written on the 23 May 2011 by Altitude Communications

Self PromotionImagine you have developed or created a completely innovative product or service, one that you feel is bound to change the way people operate in your industry. The unfortunate truth is that, no matter how unique or cutting-edge your offerings are, you will have no customers if nobody actually knows you are there.

There are many ways to market yourself, your business and its products and services. Some avenues are more costly than others, while some may be more effective for your industry and in attracting your desired clientele. The thing is, you do not actually have to shell out thousands to an advertising agency to get your message across to your customers. Often, it’s the more simple methods that bring the most leads. Here are some ideas that are proven to work and are guaranteed not to leave you out of pocket.

Harness the power of networking…

While the world is increasingly becoming a global village, the power of local networks and contacts has never been stronger and more valued. This is simply because, with the amount of choice out there, people feel confused, distrustful, and are less inclined to spend their valuable time weighing up the pros and cons of 10 competing companies they may have come across in the phone directory. If they already know somebody in the business, or have received a referral from a friend or colleague, you can be almost certain they will choose to spend their money with that particular individual or business.

So, with this information up your sleeve, let everyone you know that you are in business, and give them your details to pass on to their contacts. Make an effort to attend at least one networking event a month, and speak with as many people as time will allow. But be sure to return the favour to your contacts, by purchasing their products/services over their competitors, and referring them to your contacts.

Pens, magnets and other gadgets… the allure of promotional products…

Why not have some paraphernalia with your business’ details produced, to hand out to contacts and customers. The most basic item you will need is a business card, clearly displaying your logo and contact details, as well as describing what it is you do. If you are a plumber, be sure to put that on your business card. This way, you are reminding people who come across it a few months later who you are and what you do. Items that serve another function, such as magnets, a desk or magnetic calendar, car signage, pens and stickers, are all items that serve another function and will promote your business every time they are used. Just make sure that your promotional products are good quality – there’s nothing worse than a pen that doesn’t work when you need it to, and if it’s got your business’ name on it – it doesn’t bode well.

Act Global… think Local. The world’s your market place with an eNewsletter and PR...

Enewsletters/eZine are an instantaneous and effective marketing strategy, virtually low cost, that will increase your business and grow your bottom line. Prepare some well-written informative articles around your area of expertise, designed to provide useful information to your prospects and customers. The great thing is that you can also use the articles that you prepare for your newsletters to promote yourself to the wider community via the internet or associated businesses’ enewsletters.

Aside from eNewsletters sent directly to your clients and prospects, the best way to communicate widely with your market is through the media. This includes newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, in both the traditional and online format. You do this by preparing a newsworthy media release and distributing it to your relevant media. The great thing is that you are building your profile and setting yourself up as the industry expert at the same time.

As your business starts to grow, don’t be afraid to utilize some of the other extremely effective online marketing tools and strategies that are available, such as writing and selling ebooks and taking part or holding webinars or teleseminars on your area of expertise.

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