The Secrets of a Successful Online Business Without SEO

Written on the 28 June 2010 by Altitude Communications

Mega-rich Internet Boffins, Google Gurus and other SEO experts will all tell you the same thing..."To create a successful online business, you need SEO." But do you really? Are the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars that you're spending every month, really worthwhile? Does all that extra traffic coming to your website mean extra dollars in your pocket, or just more nameless, faceless people looking at your online brochure? You see, we've all been brainwashed into believing the marketing power of Google and their often mightily expensive Ad words.

Now don't get us wrong, in the right hands and in the right situation a Google Ad Word can be an incredible promotional tool. But there are other less-expensive ways, and the most in expensive of all of these is simply whether the webpage that you're optimising and spending all this extra money on... is actually making you money or does it even have the potential to do so? If the answer is no, then don't bother optimising it, until it does so.

Your website should always be a work in progress. Think about it, the market changes, customers change, people's needs change, demand and popularity change, so why is your website staying stagnant? Even without outsourcing your SEO, you have the capacity to make great inroads on Google's organic listing, simply by updating your content, refining your keywords, and linking to other sites.

You see, despite what you've been lead to believe SEO is not the only way to attract large numbers to your website.  Being at the top of search engines result pages is just the same as having a website link on a site or blog with very high traffic, in fact, in some cases it maybe even better as the site may be more targeted to your customers.  Consider contacting other websites and offering unique content such as an article, an affiliate program or even just a simple link.

Remember, when your business does pop up on a search engine result ensure you have created effective titles and descriptions that are short, interesting and contain keywords.  Give a short informative blurb about what your site has to offer, yours needs to stand out from the crowd, be keyword/phrase rich and be backed up by the webpage's content. Consider using a keyword selector tool such as Google's FREE Keyword Selector Tool, to ensure the words you're selecting in your description, metatags and keywords are actually being searched for.  

So what else can you do... You could also consider other promotional methods such as article marketing, forum marketing, Google AdSense, video marketing (YouTube), blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and of course email marketing.  They are just a few of the online tools that have the capacity to direct a huge amount of traffic daily to your business. 

Google AdSense, or the little ads you see popping up within the content of many websites, offer an often cheaper way of capitalising on the Google AdWords phenomena. Different from standard the standard Google AdWords, AdSense Ads appear within private websites, not on the search listing. Plus, if you've already got a decent amount of traffic moving through your website or blog, you could consider allowing Google to put ads for other advertisers within your pages. For this they will pay you a fee, which could help support your other advertising efforts.  

If using article marketing in conjunction with database/email marketing, forum marketing or blogging, be original and specific.  Majority of the time people write or blog about news, general ideas or discuss topics already talked about elsewhere, by focusing on more specific, less talked about topics you are increase your chances in search engine results. Remember plagarism is rife on the Internet, and as a result sophisticated software searches every website for stolen content. Stealing someone else's work is not worth the risk, the fine or the damage it could do to your reputation. 

If you have the ability to combine online with offline advertising methods the reach to your potential customers could be infinite.  Magazine ads, direct mail, press releases, radio, TV and flyers are proven ways to get results although it can be a little more costly. To learn more about how to combine online, offline and other promotional mediums to create powerful marketing outcomes, please click here.

These are just some of the ways to build your online business without the need to use SEO.  Best practise would be to use it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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