The secrets to powerful attraction marketing

Written on the 9 November 2009 by Altitude Communications

What Is Attraction Marketing?

How to attract more leads...

Attraction marketing is the next generation model of marketing that is amongst the most powerful means of generating and building a quality list of hot target leads into your marketing funnel.

Attraction Marketing is about positioning yourself as an expert over and above your products and services with the main goal being to build a strong trusting relationship with your prospect or visitor long before trying to sell them your products or services.

Attraction Marketing SecretsWe like to compare attraction marketing to honey bees. You never see a flower chasing a bee do you. The flower contains the pollen that the bee NEEDS in order to make the honey.  In the same way that a visitor to your website is attracted specifically to the information that you provide, the more targeted and specific the information the more likely you are to attract your specific target market.

Like permission-based marketing, attraction marketing requires that you position yourself personally, your opinions and passions into your business and let them shine through!

Get rid of these things by using Attraction Marketing

  • Cold-calling and painful rejection
  • Wasted randomly placed advertising where you are waiting for the phone to ring
  • Long winded telephone calls where you are put under the microscope to justify who you are and the services that you offer.
  • Chasing leads and leaving messages to people who never call you back
  • Having to purchase lists and wasting money on dead end leads

Like most people we are more attracted to authentic people who are real and willing to expose who they really are. Unlike the old generation of marketing where we hide behind a brand or a company with a title, attraction marketing gives us the ability to be ourselves and expose our personalities.

Attraction marketing can be applied to all of your products and services by simply adjusting your attitude towards your marketing. Put simply it's time to open up and disclose the real you and be as transparent as possible so that your prospects and visitors gain a sense of warmth in knowing who you really are.  We all like to know about people's stories of both failure and successes and that’s what attracts us to people.  This allows emotionional response to take place and your prospects or visitors will empathise and relate to you as a person and not a company or a product.

Because people always buy from whom they know, like and trust, it makes good marketing sense to start applying the strategies of attraction marketing into your business right away.  Rather than applying attraction marketing techniques to your complete business model including all of your products and services, test the water and apply the technique to either one specific product and service and compare the results for yourself... you will be amazed at the massive difference it will make in your business for building strong prospect relationships and increasing your bottom line profits.

The secret to successful attraction marketing campaigns is to speak to your audience rather than at them. By sharing valuable and relevant information and being the provider or source of this information will position you as an expert in the minds of the prospect. 

Putting Attraction Marketing into Action ... are you up for the challenge?

Define your Target

You have to know who you would like to attract before you can attract them. Begin this process with the end in mind and define what your ultimate goals will be for you and your business. For example what contribution would you like to make in the lives of your clients and customers?  Like attracts like and passion and enthusiasm is contagious and this will shine through and attract the right type of customers that will suite you and your business perfectly. With these things in mind would you be attracted to you if you were the prospect?

Now picture your perfect A+ client and image their qualities and attributes. Write down a very clear and concise description of this individual and what value they would bring to a mutually beneficial relationship with you.  What are their expectations of you?

Don’t limit yourself to one particular niche... there may be many niches that you wish to target. Define each particular niche by demographics, characteristics and psychographics...Now you are set and on your path to building an Attraction Marketing Plan for success.

Some Popular Techniques

Generating Leads with Free Giveaways for Opt-in Marketing

Develop your lead capture webpage...

After defining who your target is, building a list of high quality warm leads should be your #1 priority and it is the most important step in the attraction marketing process; after all it’s the oxygen that will breathe life into your marketing funnel.  Remember, everyone that subscribes to your list is a real person and a real prospect for that matter and they have joined your database list for a reason... to receive great value and free information that is relevant to them.  Most of all it should be benefit or outcome focused and not focused on your products or services that you offer.

Youtube and Video Marketing

Well you really don’t have a choice here but to be yourself and be transparent...after all it pretty difficult to hide behind a video camera, isn’t it?
Prospects and visitors wile warm to seeing your face and hearing your voice, after all 85% of the way we speak is through our body language.  By placing you in the same room as your visitor having a video of you is the perfect space to get involved in and if done correctly and consistently over time you will build a list of loyal followers or subscribers to your channel. Remember to speak clearly and slow everything down so that your viewing is clear as to the message and information that you are delivering.

Google and Yahoo love articles... Get FREE search engine listings!

Use the power of the internet to get free listings on search engines. They love fresh content and will reward you for it!  Make sure that your articles are focused on key words that you would like to appear under in the search engine.  Search engines also love relevant links to other websites, blogs and related online material.  It’s important to find reputable article listing websites that rank high on the search engine listings like www.ezinearticles.com

Make sure that you include your signature resource box at the bottom of each article.  Being a public domain your articles may be used by others as long as they contain your resource box or signature panel with a link to your website.  In your resource box remember to include an advertisement and URL web link of your FREE giveaway or special offer to attract readers to your special offer and website.

Offline Techniques - Networking and Speaking

Rather than the traditional method of handing out your business cards and telling the person who you have just met all about you, ask about them and if they would like to be included in the FREE information you have to share with them.  It’s difficult to build any sort of relationship in a crowded room when you really would like to use the opportunity to meet as many people as you can.  Build the relationship after the event but make sure you have their permission to send your FREE information so that you can build a relationship over time that will result in top of mind awareness, trust and credibility.  If they don’t use your products or services they more than likely know quite a few people of will.

One last tip...

If you are serious about using attraction marketing to increase the quality of your leads into your business, start by allocating a small percentage of your day to implementing some of these strategies, after all if you master your marketing you will recession proof your business and never have to chase another lead again.

In Summary

Attraction marketing will be your secret weapon and best of all once you have developed a system that works you can replicate it over and over again to help automate your lead generation and qualifying process.

  1. Ensure that your lead generation is geared to attract your target market and focus on their needs, wants or desires.
  2. Be the provider of expert information and position yourself as a valuable resource providing knowledge to your prospects and visitors.
  3. Position yourself as an expert (over your company, products and services) and remember to market you and your valuable knowledge.
  4. Employ the latest technology and ensure that you have an automated response system that is set to auto-pilot like www.FastTrackeMarketing.com
  5. Make yourself a valued asset by continuing to learn more and grow in order to provide cutting edge up-to-the-minuet information to your trusted database

To find out more about how you can start applying these techniques and start building your very own automated Attraction Marketing System today...
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