Tips for choosing the perfect domain names

Written on the 27 September 2010 by Altitude Communications

How purchasing multiple domains can increase your results and channel leads into your sales funnel.

Web addresses, URL's, domain names, whatever you call them, your web address can define your company and affect the amount of both organic and SEO-instigated traffic that you receive. The most common type of web address is your company name... for example www.AltitudeCommunications.com.au, but you shouldn't stop there. In this article we'll explore the world of landing pages and how you can add unique URL's to your marketing that will build your online profile quicker than just your company name, whilst being more specific to your target markets.

Damin Names - Choosing the Perfect Web AddressIn case you don't know, a landing page (or sometimes referred to as a "capture or squeeze page") is a mini-website whose single purpose is to capture your visitor's contact details. To attract visitors to your webpage you may use various methods of advertising and promotion such as Google Ad Words (SEM) or e-Zine ads for example. The contents of your landing page are very important for a number of reasons, as is the domain name URL web address. They all work hand-in-hand which is why it's important to choose your domain name to match the content and purpose of your website capture page. Apart from being found in search engines organically, it also allows you to attract new traffic that may or may not be aware of your main business' website address. The advantage of this strategy is that it keeps your visitor focused on the single action you want them to take.

For example, we recently created a PayPerClick (PPC) AdWords Campaign for our client, Famous Logistics. Famous Logistics are in the business of international logistics, which includes but is not limited to, Sea Freight and Air Freight. The challenge was that they needed an effective way of generating inquiries for their services that wasn't restricted to a geographic area. So we developed a strategy that centred around a series of specific keywords and matching domain names to attract the desired audience for each niche market of the business.

After researching the market and the tactics of their competitors, our strategy included customised landing pages and a personalised auto-response email campaign that followed the inquiry. By purchasing web addresses such as www.Famous4SeaFreight.com, www.Famous4AirFreight.com and www.Famous4CarImporting.com we were able to link the title of the page, with the key words of the campaign (included in the text of the landing page and the meta tags, key words and meta description), and the purchased Pay Per Click Words. This resulted in powerful ads that attracted the specific target market for each individual niche, which in turn resulted in targeted direct enquiries.

Since launching the campaign, the client has been able to simply, easily and automatically channel the enquiries for the various aspects of their businesses through to the appropriate staff member without "human intervention." This automated system ensures that each prospect is fully-armed with credibility building information, before talking to a member of staff. This reduces the "time wasters" and allows the Famous Team to deliver the professional and personalised customer service that they are "Famous" for. Click here to discover how you can develop your very own fully-automated marketing funnel.

So what should you be looking for when choosing a "campaign" URL? Here's a few tips...

  1. Memorability - your domain needs to be easy to remember. A catchy domain such as www.Bees2HoneyPot.com or www.4KeysToWeightLoss.com works well when accompanied by an image. It also allows the reader to commit the domain to memory and access it later. You might see a domains such as these used offline to attract prospects to the specific landing page next time they are online.
  2. Easy to Type - Further to point 1 above, your URL should be easy to spell. If it's not an obvious easy-to-spell word or industry specific jargon, forget about it, your prospect will never find you. For example, www.PropertySecretsExposed.com (notice when promoting the URL address we prefer to use UPPER and lower case for ease of reading)
  3. Be Benefit-driven - If the benefit is in the URL, it make it that much stronger. For example, www.MakeMoneyWritingEbooks.com this URL tells the reader exactly what they are going to get, before typing it into their browser.
  4. Build Credibility - Your new domain name should promote your business and or specific product's with the view of adding a touch of professionalism and credibility.
  5. Maximise Response - In order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign we suggest using a similar headline and text copy content in your paid advertising that reflects your new domain name.

So as you can clearly see, by utilising this multiple domain name strategy and combing it with specific related landing pages you will be able to produce a more effective campaign that will results in more qualified leads and a boost to your businesses bottom line.

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