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Written on the 15 June 2010 by Altitude Communications

Birds of a Feather Flock Together 

Once again the world of social networking is expanding and taking a leap forward. Where once there was only the Internet with its static web pages and minimal community involvement, today's web surfer is spoilt for choice.
Social Networking and Entertainment Sites such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube are redefining how we interact with technology, our friends and family; and more recently how these online mediums can help to promote and advertise our business.  While the evolution of these social media website is phenomenal, keeping up with their business applications can be difficult. So to help you short-cut your "adaption" process, here's some "Need to Know" info about the newest kid on the Social Networking block - Twitter, and how you can use it to promote your business.

First things first... in its current form, is Twitter a worthwhile business tool?

Honestly, that's stil up for debate. Twitter is new and whether it will stand the test of time is anyone's guess, but people we've spoken to are finding that it's a useful addition to their everyday promotional efforts. It seems that event or time-sensitive promotions in particular are benefiting from the timliness of "tweets." One thing is for certain though, if as is predicted, Twitter takes off for business, you're going to want to have protected your own personal and business names now, so that you're not behind the eight-ball when the boom comes. To register your personal and business accounts with Twitter, click here.

So, with that being said... what exactly is Twitter.... Click on the play button below (inside the iPhone) to watch video... 

But how is this relevant to my business?

Twitter allows you to gain a social insight into the daily activities of people whom you choose to follow whilst also allowing you to share with them some interesting things about you as a person (not just your business)... after all people buy from who they know like and trust. And while you may be thinking, that's great for my friends and family, but how does it relate to my business. It's simple really, by taking advantage of Twitter's social element, you are able to give your business/self an online personality that builds rapport and trust within a large group of people. In a very short period of time, your "Followers" are able to paint a visual picture of who you are, and what you're about, which goes a long way to softening the sales process .

Here's 9 quick ways to use Twitter to interact with your community of Followers and Grab Attention!

  1. Tell your followers about a new product launch you are working on.
  2. Let them know about a new FREE eBook that they can get their hands on now (include the www link to the landing (capture) page -This is a great way of turning followers on Twitter into online subscribers into your database.
  3. Event promotions alerts - you may choosse to countdown 1 week, 3 days, 1 day prior to the event and ask them to let others know who might be interested.
  4. Ask your followers questions and find quick answers to complex questions that you may have trouble answering.
  5. Share exciting information with your followers about business news
  6. Offer them expert tips or daily quotes to motivate them and keep them informed.
  7. Open a gmail account with google and Twitter will help you find contacts that are in your current contact list automatically
  8. Share photos and slide shows of you and your family (including your pets)... this will show them a side of you they may have never seen before
  9. Invite your followers to answer questions on how they would feel about a product or service prior to releasing it to market (market research)... and the list goes on!

Like any form of communication it always works better if you have a purpose and a plan before you send anything out.  So with that in mind, write down some ideas the old fashioned way (with a pen and paper). The main idea behind "Business Twitter" is to stay connected with your "followers," encourage opt-ins to your email marketing contact database and drive as much traffic as possible to income-producing pages on your website. Be creative and think outside the box to invent new ways that you can use this exciting new social medium.




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