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Written on the 8 March 2009 by Altitude Communications

How to tap into the power of online videos to effectively promote your business...

If a picture paints a thousand words, then nothing sells a product or service better than an entertaining and/or informative video, and while TV advertisers have known and understood this fact for years, it is only recently that taped or streaming content has been within the reach of most businesses. Thanks to advances in technology and social media, small business owners can now create and share videos with current and potential customers online for much less than the traditional methods of advertising. And as increasingly more and more consumers are hitting the play button for online videos how do you tap into this opportunity to promote your products and services online.

In previous articles we've discussed the merits of YouTube and other online video portals, so in this article, we're focusing on on what do you need to do before uploading that video.

Video Content

The first thing you need to ask yourself is WHY? Why would a customer or potential customer want to view your video? Promotional videos need to provide customers with all the information they need, without having to read text. It needs to simplify the decision-making process, and compel your customer to move from passive prospect to active customer. 

How you do this depends on your product or service, however it should provide them with an experience, be it funny or serious, that can't be duplicated reading text or talking to a sales person.  The content of the video needs to be impressive and watch-able.  And while quality is important in some instances, amateur videos also have their place on sites such as YouTube. Remember, that while a video is instantly accessible, it's also instantly "turn-off-able." Your customers will tune out if the video is boring provides no benefit to them.

Before you upload your video, it can be a good idea to "test market" your video on prospects and other non-involved parties, to get a true measure of your video's greatness, think about it a bad review prior to release is better than a bad review after! 

TIP: Remember to take advantage of every opportunity to promote, and include references to your website throughout the video (both verbal and visual).

Format and Size

The bigger the file, the longer it takes to download, the less chance it will be viewed.  Customers don't want to be spending time downloading large video files, so keep a watchful eye on the size of your video file.


Time is a precious commodity that very few people have, and your customers are no different.  The whole reason they are online is to quickly get what they need and saving time.  Keep the length of your video to a reasonable length, a few seconds can convey 1000 words, so make it impressive.

Video Usability

How is your customer going to view the video. Will it play on a player, or will it be embedded? Will it play as interstitial or superstitial? Will it be a buffer video or will it be downloaded and then played? Whichever option you choose here, you need to provide your customer with a seamless experience.

Remember, online videos can be used for a range of reasons to promote and grow your business.  You could use a video for product demonstrations, profile your workers, put the spotlight on a happy customer, record any special events your business is involved in or creating posts for your blog. Testimonials are a great use of videos. It is extremely powerful to see a happy customer talking (or raving!) about a product or service.

For some ideas or inspiration on the use of video marketing to promote a client success story, simply click here to to watch our videos now. Alternatively another success story video format that you could use is viewable by clicking here.

So break out that video camera, and start creating entertaining and informative content about you and your business today. Not sure what to include, or how to create your video, click here to get the strategic minds of the Marketing Mentors working for you in your business.

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