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Written on the 30 March 2009 by Altitude Communications

Do you find yourself downloading eBooks only to end up throwing them into the rubbish bin because they are poorly written and lack the depth of research and information you know you could have put into writing it?  If you are an expert in your corner of the market, what is stopping you from writing your own eBooks and starting to build your own publishing empire!

Here are five great reasons to start creating your own eBooks now:

  1. Write your own eBooksIt really is so simple.  If you think about it, you have all the tools needed on your computer and if not, you can get it somewhere for free.  Most computers come with word processing software with an option to turn word docs to pdf format, you can start making your own ebooks straight away.  If your computer doesn’t have the software you can download Open Office.  It is just like Microsoft Office only it's completely free.  You can write about anything you like, your passion, your expertise, convert it to PDF and that is your first eBook all finished.
  2. By creating your own eBook you have control over it.  You can use it any which way you like.  Use it as a tool to drive traffic to your website, you could sell it or provide various resale licenses to customers giving them authority to resell your stuff.  The power of what you can do with your own eBooks is endless.
  3. You will become recognised as an expert in your field or niche.  Customers will see you as an authority with all the information about the product or service you are selling.  Continue to expand your writing and customers will be asking for more.  Build up an email list to get in contact and update those waiting in anticipation for your next installment.
  4. Turn your expertise into income.  Building on from reason number two, create licenses giving people the ability to receive commission from reselling your eBooks.  This a win-win situation.  You write the eBook, they sell it for you in the same way a sales team in any other business would sell a product and both you and them make money as a result.
  5. Writing eBooks gives you the ability to do it time and time again.  You can write as many eBooks as you are willing to write, hence a regular income.

Some simple reasons illustrating why writing eBooks is easy, fun and profitable.


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