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6 Strategies for Building Your List and Boosting Income

Posted on 24 May 2011

"Live in the Boardroom with the Marketing Mentors"

presented by Bill Doyle and Sandra Hammond

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6 Marketing Strategies for Building your List & Boosting Your Income

Strategy # 1 Reactivate Old Contacts

  • Scan old business cards into a spreadsheet
  • Look in all of the places you may have stored old contacts
  • Upload them into a professional email marketing system like FastTrack Email Marketing.com
  • Write your email and send it out ASAP.

Strategy # 2 FREE Giveaway with your irresistible offer

  • Develop your irresistible offer free giveaway
  • It could be a Book, Digital eBook, Mini eCourse, Video Series, Special Report, Audio Program/CD's, Teleseminar Series, Coaching session or Mini-course

Strategy # 3 FREE Traffic with Social Media

  • Remember to capture leads
  • Drive them to your "Capture Page"
  • This is the SMART way to monetise your marketing efforts with social media. Now social media becomes important in generating quality leads.

Strategy # 4 Attend Live Networking Events

  • Use Lead Generation Business Cards PLUS your 30 Second Audio Business Card

Strategy # 5 Public Speaking & Business Talks

  • Whilst on stage... Let everyone know up-front that you have FREE information available to give to them. So there is no need to take notes.
  • Give them a copy of your PowerPoint Presentation or other relevant reports, white-papers, e-books or videos etc. Ask this question "Is there is anyone that DOES NOT want to receive this FREE information valued at $XX. BINGO! Now get the list and you have new instant leads in your marketing funnel.

Strategy # 6 Join Venture Partners

  • Work with others who share a similar target market
  • Cross promote each other to Advertise your free report on their e-Newsletters and do the same for them
  • Share your knowledge and suggest a webinar or teleseminar to their database
  • Swap endorsed letters to your databases introducing each other.

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