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How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 16 March 2017
How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

Alan McGirvan Interviews Bill Doyle About Attraction Marketing

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Attraction marketing is the key to your future business success and growth...

Are you interested in attracting more clients? Listen in as Alan McGirvan interviews Bill Doyle on 'How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel'.

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These proven strategies will help you to understand the power of Attraction Marketing and how you can use them to start attracting hot targeted new leads right away!

This exclusive radio-style interview includes strategies on how you can start growing your business and building your list right now.

The proven strategies contained in this recording will help you to truly understand the power of Attraction Marketing and how you can use it to start attracting hot targeted leads right away!

I sincerely hope that you benefit from listening to this special interview.

Alan: You're talking about bringing people up into a new level, into a new altitude because you say that you can effortlessly attract your target market, tell me about that...

What is a USP and Why Do You Need One

Bill: Look you can, and I think the main thing that people look at in business is there's lots of things going on that we have to do in our business, and if you look at someone like McDonalds for instance. Now, they may not have the best, tastiest, healthiest burgers in the world but they certainly know how to sell them. So they attract a certain target market, and we use a thing called a USP or a unique selling proposition to do that. Most people, when I say USP, it's sort of like a UFO to them. They don't quite get what that means.

So what it actually means, it was developed in 1940 by a gentleman by the name of Rosser Reeves out of the US, and there are three distinct things that your business or your product, or your offering, must have in order to attract your target to take action and come into what we call your marketing funnel. So one of those first things is, get this thing, buy this product, take on this service or whatever that is and get this direct benefit right now.

Alan: Okay, it's that thing about you cannot have what you cannot attract, so you've got to give them the compelling reason the USP, the unique selling proposition.

Bill: That's right, and it's got to be in your attraction marketing because there's only two types of marketing, one that works and one that doesn't, and one that we're generally used to or we're taught as business owners to use is called outbound marketing.

That's where we'll put an ad in Yellow Pages traditionally or put an ad on Google AdWords, or wherever, whatever medium that we're going to use, and hope like hell that the phone's going to ring or someone's going to click and take action. Well, there's a bit more to it than that. We need to resonate with the audience that we're targeting, so we need to put an offer out to them, and it's the good old-fashioned offer of the word 'free'.

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