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How to Become More Fascinating and Attract More Clients

Posted by Bill Doyle on 29 October 2016
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Special Thanks to Michael Cranfield for Video Production and Photography

This is Bill Doyle and it looks like we found a perfect place to catch up for coffee for our next 'Catch Up for a Coffee' talk. It's getting a little bit cloudy, but I got some takeaway coffees.  We're up here at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and I found a perfect spot to come and share some tips with you on how to be more fascinating.

Hi everyone. Welcome to another edition of, 'Let's Catch Up for a Coffee'. Today, we're having a take away up here at the Kangaroo Point Cliff faces Cafe or whatever it is actually called. Funny thing is I've look everywhere and no sign of a kangaroo at all. Sorry for anyone in America or the U.K. watching this, just because it's called Kangaroo Point, doesn't mean there's any kangaroos here, it's actually a cliff; as you can see behind me, the beautiful city of Brisbane.

1:00 min - What makes someone facscination?

Today, we're going to talk about fascination and what makes someone fascinating. It's an interesting topic in how it's actually related to marketing. Have you ever been to a party you notice there are maybe two groups of people and one person has a hive of people hanging around them. You're thinking, "What is it that they've got that I don't," or vice versa. Nine times out of ten they'll come away saying, "Wow, that person was just absolutely fascinating." That can also apply to how you work it in your business and what it actually does for you, creating intrigue, fascination, and ultimately attracting more quality clients into your business.

I'm just going to step you through a couple of little ideas that will help you do that. Number one, we were born fascinating. We learn over time to become boring, really. I don't know whether any of you have ever worked in the corporate world or in any major corporation? We are taught to behave in a certain way, to act a certain way.

2:00 Min - Lady Gaga (the rock star)

If you notice someone like Lady Gaga, the rock star, she's absolutely fascinating, mainly because she wears bright colours; she takes everything to the edge. Sure she has great music, but what makes her so fascinating is the fact that she's actually outside the box thinker and she does things totally different. She has a personal opinion and a personal brand.

When thinking about how to be fascinating, what I'm asking you to do is become more authentic, start writing down some things about what makes you, you and stop trying to be someone else, and stop trying to compete in the market with everybody else as well. What I want you to do is list the top four things that you find that other people say are most fascinating about you. Just take a moment, write that down; the top four things.

What I want you to do is write the other four things that you find are most boring about you. Okay? Things that you just think, "Gee that's not me, I'd really want to change that." You're going to write down the four things that you think people think are most fascinating about you and the four things that maybe you feel or you hear that people say are boring things about you.

What I want you to do after you've written those four things down, we're identifying what it is that we need to get rid off. What I suggest you do is you can't get rid of something you don't know exists, so by creating the list of boring features, we can then screw that up, pretty much, and put it in the bin. By looking at the fascinating features we can look at how we can use this in our personal branding, in our marketing, in our sales presentations to stand out to be that little bit more different and start attracting more high-quality clients for our business.

04:00 - Lead Magnet and food for thought

Just a little bit of food for thought, when you're trying to be more fascinating, don't just do it on a personal level, you've also got to do it within your marketing. That means all of your marketing materials, your lead magnet materials like e-books, CD, giveaways, etc and stop talking about you and what it is that you actually do. Start being a little bit more fascinating, and a little bit more intriguing because with those two qualities comes a very, very high level of what I call attraction marketing.

That attraction marketing factor will not only help you build your business, but it will also create a massive buzz around what it is that you actually do and how you can go about helping and serving more people. Here's my little tip for today; be fascinating, get personally branded and stand out from the crowd and just be different.

This is Bill Doyle, signing off for now.

Have a great day :-)

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How to Become More Fascinating - Bill Doyle
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