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How to Convert More Prospects into High Paying Clients

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 1 December 2016

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Video Transcript:

[00:02:00] - Diagnose the issue

[00:04:00] - How much does it cost? - Pricing & Packaging

[00:06:00] - Helping them to move forward with you and implement the plan

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Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this week's 'Let's catch up for a Coffee'. Today, I'm going to be talking about a subject I'm personally really passionate about and that is, How to Convert More Prospects into High Paying Valued Clients,  quickly and easily.

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Let's get right into it. Come join me!

Today we are going to focus on how to convert more prospects into high paying clients. The question that I often get asked and I asked a lot of other people is "What is your conversion rate?" Now, typically people will say, "Well, it's anywhere between 80 and 90%" ... My response is to that, BS. Absolutely not. If you actually go back and have a look at old prospects, proposals that didn't work out, a whole range of things, 9 times out of 10 you'll find it's anywhere between 30 to 60%.

What I'm going to show you today is going to help you get more of that, have a higher conversion, not only higher conversion, but how to convert higher paying clients.

Yes, it's dependent on so many factors and I get that, but the thing is that we have two ears and one mouth, and the secret here is to be able to ask the right questions that actually promotes a sales conversation and a marketing conversation and not just say things or generic questions like, "Tell me all about you." That can drag on for hours, right?

We need to asked very specific questions in a very specific sequence. Okay, I'm going to step you through exactly how you can do that.

The big thing is that once you do get them on the telephone, or you are meeting with them, what do you say at the end of the appointment to convert them into a high paying client.

[00:02:00] - Diagnose the issue - First things first, problem, challenge, diagnose what the issue is and then bring them into your program. It's pretty simple but there is a series, I'll just get in a little bit more detail about that.

When you are asking questions about what their problems are, they are going to be very specific, they are going to be goal orientated.

For instance, if I was talking to a prospect and saying, "What is your goal over the next three, six, 12 months?" They are more than happy to tell you and I'm going to writing all of that down in detail.

  • What is your biggest challenge right now?
  • What do you feel that you could be doing better that you are not doing right now?
  • and more importantly what are your income goals?

I want to establish a benchmark as to how much they want to earn, what time frame they want to earn it in and how it's going to make their lifestyle a better place to be. They are very defined goals on what it is that they want.

The next thing I'm going to do is after the diagnostic process, think of yourself as a doctor. You don't go to a doctor unless you are sick, okay and 9 times out of 10 the reason that they are on this free session call with you is something is not right.

We have done a detailed diagnostic, found out what their major challenges are and where it hurts. Now, we want to do is write the script and the script is your products, your services, and what you offer. You could say to them something like... based on what you told me Mr. X, and repeat back to them what you write down.

This is important because;

  1. It shows you listened, and
  2. More importantly, it shows that you care enough to listen

That's what makes a sale. Telling is not selling, and that's a really big mistake that most people make.

What I'm getting it is when you write the script, they are looking up to you for advice and saying, "How can you help me actually reach those goals?" I would recommend this program or you take this steps and checking with them, okay, that's the really important thing is to be able to check in and say does this make sense to you, and if they say yes, then you can progress to the next thing, so keep checking with them during the conversation... Does that make sense?

[00:04:00] - How Much Does it Cost - Pricing & Packaging

The next thing you really want to do is to lead into a conversation where they say, "How much does it cost?"

This is where you talk about pricing, packaging and delivery.

We are talking about the deliverables that you are going to deliver, how it's going to be delivered. Then you want to wrap that up with saying something like this. "Does that make sense?" and also, "Are you willing to do what it takes to reach the goal and for me to help you get there?" "Are you willing to do that?"

Now, they are going to be willing because they want to reach their goal. They say, "Yeah, I'm willing to do that." The next question is, "Are you willing to accept my help?" Now, if they are willing to accept your help and they are willing to do it, you can see how that's a natural progression into saying something like, "Well, let's get started together." And that's one of the ways that we can do it. I'll just show you one other way that you can do the close.

Once you've laid out your plan and you have laid out the steps that you are going to take in order it might be great coaching, it might one on one consulting, it might be an information product that you recommend, it's the script that you wrote based on their challenges and the problems that they had. Make sure it's the right script and the right fit for them.

Now, the other thing you might like to say to them is, "Does that sound like a good plan to you?" And they say, "Well, yeah, that sounds like a great plan.", "What I'd like to do is to help you implement that plan." What are you doing again is putting a hand out and saying, "Does that sound like a great plan and I'm going to help you implement that plan and I'm going to hold your hand and take you through that process."

You can see how that's really natural progression rather than saying, "Can I have your ", or "What are we going to do to work together?"

In offering an extension of what you are actually doing there, you basically closing the deal (so to speak), but you are doing it a very soft way and in a way that makes a lot of sense, okay. You can talk about packaging and positioning.

[00:06:00] - Helping them to move forward with you and implement the plan

Once they've agreed you might say... "Well, yeah, I'm willing and I'd like your help to implement the plan that you give me today." Then you can say, "Well, what I'd like to do is put you on a book as a client." How will you be paying for the first installment? Visa Card or Master Card. That type of feel.

The other thing is that you really want to be able to make that a smooth transition and not be all salesy.

Objections: Now, they might say, "Well, I need to think about that", or "it's too expensive", or "I need to ask my accountant or my wife or whatever it is." Whatever permission excuses and I call these sales excuses, what excuse have they got to not go ahead with you.

What I means is that you haven't given them enough reasons to go ahead with you. If that happens, go back and dive deeper and say, "Well, let's just talk about your goals one more time and let's talk about the money and the income and the potential that you spoke about." Always take it back to their goals because they might want to go a little bit deeper and you haven't quite uncovered all the challenges yet.

I hope you found these tips useful today. It certainly helped me and it certainly helped a lot of my clients to close more sales and convert high paying clients.

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My name is Bill Doyle. Bye for now.

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