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Relationship Marketing How to Build Professional Business Relationships

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 7 December 2016
Relationship Marketing How to Build Professional Business Relationships

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Hi my name is Bill Doyle a Client Attraction and Lead Generation specialist... In this interview I had the pleasure of speaking with Wayne C. Atkinson who is a veteran and industry leader when it comes to building Professional Business Relationships and growing a network of business owners and professionals.

Wayne Atkinson really gives up some of his best ever strategies, on how you can Build Better Business Relationships to help you Grow and Expand your business.

In this podcast, Wayne explains how he built a local Chamber of Commerce's declining membership base of only 54 Members to over 430 paying members in as little as 48 months.
Listen in as he shares his little gold nuggets inside this exclusive interview.

As he says... "Remember that when you are talking to a business person, they potentially know another 250 professional business clients. If they can't use you, then you still want to build trust and rapport. The next time someone asks them, do you know someone who could help, you will remain top of mind and they will give them your name."

"In Real Estate it's Location, location, location. In Business it's, Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!"  That's just one of the secret keys to Building Professional Business Relationships and it should be a part of your overall ongoing relationship marketing strategy.

Connect with Wayne Atkinson to help you build your Professional Business Relationships by using the links below.

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