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The Process for Producing Video for Your Website

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 10 December 2018

A Common Sense Guide to producing a video for your website


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Hi, this is Bill Doyle, and welcome to another 'Let's Catch Up For A Coffee' video together. It's really nice of you to join me today, and this is where we regularly talk about useful marketing tips and strategies that you can be using in your business right away. So you're going to find this video very short, and very useful, as part of this whole 'Let's Catch Up For A Coffee' video series.

In today's short training video, I'm going to give you a little bit of a Common Sense Guide to producing a video for your website, or any other medium for that matter, and some little step-by-step guide to help you think about the process when making your video.

Whether you're using or making the video at home, or in fact using a professional videographer like I am right now, Michael Cranfield. I'm here at Motorline BMW, and you may have seen it. I've got some timeless pieces around me here: a BMW motorcycle, and a little three-wheeler on my right here.

Now, the fact that these are old and timeless, they're actually showpieces. And when someone constructed or thought of constructing these vehicles, they didn't think that they were ever really going to date. And you know what? They actually haven't. They're actually timeless.

So, I want you to think about the video just like you would if you were going to build a timeless piece that was going to last forever. Because you don't want to re-shoot the same video over and over again. So it's worth doing the couple little suggestions and the tips I'm just about to give you.

Tip #1: Gain Clarity

So, gain clarity around your message and what you actually want to achieve when producing that video. Is it an educational video, where you're giving helpful hints and tips like I'm giving you right now? Or is it a call-to-action video? Or a sales video?
Either way, you need to gain clarity about what it is you're going to produce, and what's the purpose of that video, and what it's going to do on your website.

Tip #2: Content and Timing

So, the second thing is content and timing, e.g., the homepage welcome video, or the educational coffee style video like the one I'm delivering to you now.

Website Homepage Video

The one that you have on your homepage, for example, you don't need a ten-minute video or a 15-minute video. It's not an educational video. It's a quick video, maybe giving them the Five Top Reasons why they need to do business with you, or selling your unique selling proposition in that video. "Here's why you should choose me," for example. Optin Lead Generation Video...

For an opt-in video, or one that's going to build your subscribers list, that might be a little bit different. It might be a video that has something like, take this particular action and do this particular thing. I'll talk about that in a minute.

Prior Preparation - Video Production Planner
So the next thing that I suggest that you do, is pre-plan your video production. Now, whether you're doing that with yourself from home using your iPhone or whatever it is, right through to doing a professional video, you need to plan this out.

Michael Cranfield has graciously prepared what he calls the VPP or the Video Production Planner, and he's supplied this for you to download below this video. And this is just a simple document, we can use it as a guide to start activating and getting ready for your pre-production meeting. That's what I would recommend you do before you do any video, is plan out the production in advance.

So, in short, it's really easy to plan everything up front, and this will help you monetize your marketing and get the best possible results.

So just to recap on today's video ...

Number one: Gain clarity about the purpose of the video and where you're gonna do it. Number two: Think about the content and how that's going to be delivered. Is it a coffee video training series? An educational series? A call-to-action video, or a home page USP video? What's the purpose of that video?

#3 Be Realistic About Timing

And number three, be realistic about the timing. If you want something up next week, plan it out in advance so that you're ready to take action and just make everything as smooth as possible along the way.

Okay, that's it for today's 'Let's Catch Up For a Coffee' video. I hope that you found the tips useful, something that you can apply right away, and I highly recommend that you just get started and start filling out that form below this video.

Special Thanks to Michael Cranfield for Video Production and Photography

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The Process for Producing Video for Your Website - Bill Doyle


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How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 16 March 2017
How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

Alan McGirvan Interviews Bill Doyle About Attraction Marketing

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Attraction marketing is the key to your future business success and growth...

Are you interested in attracting more clients? Listen in as Alan McGirvan interviews Bill Doyle on 'How to Attract More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel'.

Click Here to Download or Print The Interview Transcript

These proven strategies will help you to understand the power of Attraction Marketing and how you can use them to start attracting hot targeted new leads right away!

This exclusive radio-style interview includes strategies on how you can start growing your business and building your list right now.

The proven strategies contained in this recording will help you to truly understand the power of Attraction Marketing and how you can use it to start attracting hot targeted leads right away!

I sincerely hope that you benefit from listening to this special interview.

Alan: You're talking about bringing people up into a new level, into a new altitude because you say that you can effortlessly attract your target market, tell me about that...

What is a USP and Why Do You Need One

Bill: Look you can, and I think the main thing that people look at in business is there's lots of things going on that we have to do in our business, and if you look at someone like McDonalds for instance. Now, they may not have the best, tastiest, healthiest burgers in the world but they certainly know how to sell them. So they attract a certain target market, and we use a thing called a USP or a unique selling proposition to do that. Most people, when I say USP, it's sort of like a UFO to them. They don't quite get what that means.

So what it actually means, it was developed in 1940 by a gentleman by the name of Rosser Reeves out of the US, and there are three distinct things that your business or your product, or your offering, must have in order to attract your target to take action and come into what we call your marketing funnel. So one of those first things is, get this thing, buy this product, take on this service or whatever that is and get this direct benefit right now.

Alan: Okay, it's that thing about you cannot have what you cannot attract, so you've got to give them the compelling reason the USP, the unique selling proposition.

Bill: That's right, and it's got to be in your attraction marketing because there's only two types of marketing, one that works and one that doesn't, and one that we're generally used to or we're taught as business owners to use is called outbound marketing.

That's where we'll put an ad in Yellow Pages traditionally or put an ad on Google AdWords, or wherever, whatever medium that we're going to use, and hope like hell that the phone's going to ring or someone's going to click and take action. Well, there's a bit more to it than that. We need to resonate with the audience that we're targeting, so we need to put an offer out to them, and it's the good old-fashioned offer of the word 'free'.

Learn More About Alan McGirvan and McGirvan Media

You can connect with Alan on LinkedIn or Facebook

Additional Resources and Training

FREE Online Workshop: Learn More about How to Attract More Clients - In The Next 30 Days, even if you don't have a list or you've only just started...

WARNING: Space is limited and these online workshops always fill up fast, because they offer significantly higher value than the information others charge you thousands for, even though it is FREE.

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Using Frequency And Vibration To Grow Your Business With Barry Auchettl

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 5 February 2017
Using Frequency And Vibration To Grow Your Business With Barry Auchettl

Share your thoughts... What did you learn, notice or wish to share?

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Learn How you can Start Using Frequency and Vibration to Grow Your Business - Interview with Barry Auchettl.

Barry Auchettl (ock-er-tell) is a Visionary from the Gold Coast in Australia whose passion is awakening the Vision in others. Barry has faced many life and health challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He is one of Australia's most qualified vision educators.

Barry's passion is to allow people to shine from within. He has faced many of life's challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He has overcome two life-threatening brain tumours and has reversed his need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Click Here to Download or Print Interview Transcript

[00:03:00] What is the difference Barry between frequency and vibration?

[00:05:00] how does this frequency and vibration relate to us in the world of business and marketing?

[00:09:30] Why are you working with raising your own frequency continually?

[00:12:00] Top 3 Tips to Increasing Your Frequency and Vibration

How can people listening to this conversation increase their own frequency with using what you do?

Tip #1:
Make a list of things you're grateful for each day. I actually, in my list that I actually had 350 different things that you can you do, and the top couple seemed to be, gratitude is one.

Tip #2:
Meditate - The other one you mentioned as well, which is simply about meditating and just stilling the mind, whatever way that looks like for you.

Tip #3:
Get a frequency and vibrational checklist done by me. I'm actually willing for anyone on this call to offer a free 15-minute checklist to find out where your frequency actually is. Because until you know where it is, how do you know where you want to go to?

Barry Auchettl on LinkedIn
Barry Auchettl on Facebook

Free Resources and Additional Training

Register for Your FREE Frequency Checkup (valued at $125)

Click Here to Email Barry Auchettl and include FREE Frequency Checkup in the Subject line to Qualify -
Please Note: Sessions are strictly limited due to Barry's personal time commitments.

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Get your 50+ Free Marketing Tips Here  ==>>

Learn How to Start Attracting More Clients In The Next 30 Day and Start Generating Hot New Leads On Demand

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Relationship Marketing How to Build Professional Business Relationships

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 7 December 2016
Relationship Marketing How to Build Professional Business Relationships

Click Here to Download or Print Interview Transcript

Hi my name is Bill Doyle a Client Attraction and Lead Generation specialist... In this interview I had the pleasure of speaking with Wayne C. Atkinson who is a veteran and industry leader when it comes to building Professional Business Relationships and growing a network of business owners and professionals.

Wayne Atkinson really gives up some of his best ever strategies, on how you can Build Better Business Relationships to help you Grow and Expand your business.

In this podcast, Wayne explains how he built a local Chamber of Commerce's declining membership base of only 54 Members to over 430 paying members in as little as 48 months.
Listen in as he shares his little gold nuggets inside this exclusive interview.

As he says... "Remember that when you are talking to a business person, they potentially know another 250 professional business clients. If they can't use you, then you still want to build trust and rapport. The next time someone asks them, do you know someone who could help, you will remain top of mind and they will give them your name."

"In Real Estate it's Location, location, location. In Business it's, Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!"  That's just one of the secret keys to Building Professional Business Relationships and it should be a part of your overall ongoing relationship marketing strategy.

Connect with Wayne Atkinson to help you build your Professional Business Relationships by using the links below.

Email Wayne

Visit Wayne Online


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How to Convert More Prospects into High Paying Clients

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 1 December 2016

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Video Transcript:

[00:02:00] - Diagnose the issue

[00:04:00] - How much does it cost? - Pricing & Packaging

[00:06:00] - Helping them to move forward with you and implement the plan

Special Thanks to Michael Cranfield for Video Production and Photography

Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this week's 'Let's catch up for a Coffee'. Today, I'm going to be talking about a subject I'm personally really passionate about and that is, How to Convert More Prospects into High Paying Valued Clients,  quickly and easily.

Click Here - Free 4 Part Mini-Series to Start Attracting More Clients

Let's get right into it. Come join me!

Today we are going to focus on how to convert more prospects into high paying clients. The question that I often get asked and I asked a lot of other people is "What is your conversion rate?" Now, typically people will say, "Well, it's anywhere between 80 and 90%" ... My response is to that, BS. Absolutely not. If you actually go back and have a look at old prospects, proposals that didn't work out, a whole range of things, 9 times out of 10 you'll find it's anywhere between 30 to 60%.

What I'm going to show you today is going to help you get more of that, have a higher conversion, not only higher conversion, but how to convert higher paying clients.

Yes, it's dependent on so many factors and I get that, but the thing is that we have two ears and one mouth, and the secret here is to be able to ask the right questions that actually promotes a sales conversation and a marketing conversation and not just say things or generic questions like, "Tell me all about you." That can drag on for hours, right?

We need to asked very specific questions in a very specific sequence. Okay, I'm going to step you through exactly how you can do that.

The big thing is that once you do get them on the telephone, or you are meeting with them, what do you say at the end of the appointment to convert them into a high paying client.

[00:02:00] - Diagnose the issue - First things first, problem, challenge, diagnose what the issue is and then bring them into your program. It's pretty simple but there is a series, I'll just get in a little bit more detail about that.

When you are asking questions about what their problems are, they are going to be very specific, they are going to be goal orientated.

For instance, if I was talking to a prospect and saying, "What is your goal over the next three, six, 12 months?" They are more than happy to tell you and I'm going to writing all of that down in detail.

  • What is your biggest challenge right now?
  • What do you feel that you could be doing better that you are not doing right now?
  • and more importantly what are your income goals?

I want to establish a benchmark as to how much they want to earn, what time frame they want to earn it in and how it's going to make their lifestyle a better place to be. They are very defined goals on what it is that they want.

The next thing I'm going to do is after the diagnostic process, think of yourself as a doctor. You don't go to a doctor unless you are sick, okay and 9 times out of 10 the reason that they are on this free session call with you is something is not right.

We have done a detailed diagnostic, found out what their major challenges are and where it hurts. Now, we want to do is write the script and the script is your products, your services, and what you offer. You could say to them something like... based on what you told me Mr. X, and repeat back to them what you write down.

This is important because;

  1. It shows you listened, and
  2. More importantly, it shows that you care enough to listen

That's what makes a sale. Telling is not selling, and that's a really big mistake that most people make.

What I'm getting it is when you write the script, they are looking up to you for advice and saying, "How can you help me actually reach those goals?" I would recommend this program or you take this steps and checking with them, okay, that's the really important thing is to be able to check in and say does this make sense to you, and if they say yes, then you can progress to the next thing, so keep checking with them during the conversation... Does that make sense?

[00:04:00] - How Much Does it Cost - Pricing & Packaging

The next thing you really want to do is to lead into a conversation where they say, "How much does it cost?"

This is where you talk about pricing, packaging and delivery.

We are talking about the deliverables that you are going to deliver, how it's going to be delivered. Then you want to wrap that up with saying something like this. "Does that make sense?" and also, "Are you willing to do what it takes to reach the goal and for me to help you get there?" "Are you willing to do that?"

Now, they are going to be willing because they want to reach their goal. They say, "Yeah, I'm willing to do that." The next question is, "Are you willing to accept my help?" Now, if they are willing to accept your help and they are willing to do it, you can see how that's a natural progression into saying something like, "Well, let's get started together." And that's one of the ways that we can do it. I'll just show you one other way that you can do the close.

Once you've laid out your plan and you have laid out the steps that you are going to take in order it might be great coaching, it might one on one consulting, it might be an information product that you recommend, it's the script that you wrote based on their challenges and the problems that they had. Make sure it's the right script and the right fit for them.

Now, the other thing you might like to say to them is, "Does that sound like a good plan to you?" And they say, "Well, yeah, that sounds like a great plan.", "What I'd like to do is to help you implement that plan." What are you doing again is putting a hand out and saying, "Does that sound like a great plan and I'm going to help you implement that plan and I'm going to hold your hand and take you through that process."

You can see how that's really natural progression rather than saying, "Can I have your ", or "What are we going to do to work together?"

In offering an extension of what you are actually doing there, you basically closing the deal (so to speak), but you are doing it a very soft way and in a way that makes a lot of sense, okay. You can talk about packaging and positioning.

[00:06:00] - Helping them to move forward with you and implement the plan

Once they've agreed you might say... "Well, yeah, I'm willing and I'd like your help to implement the plan that you give me today." Then you can say, "Well, what I'd like to do is put you on a book as a client." How will you be paying for the first installment? Visa Card or Master Card. That type of feel.

The other thing is that you really want to be able to make that a smooth transition and not be all salesy.

Objections: Now, they might say, "Well, I need to think about that", or "it's too expensive", or "I need to ask my accountant or my wife or whatever it is." Whatever permission excuses and I call these sales excuses, what excuse have they got to not go ahead with you.

What I means is that you haven't given them enough reasons to go ahead with you. If that happens, go back and dive deeper and say, "Well, let's just talk about your goals one more time and let's talk about the money and the income and the potential that you spoke about." Always take it back to their goals because they might want to go a little bit deeper and you haven't quite uncovered all the challenges yet.

I hope you found these tips useful today. It certainly helped me and it certainly helped a lot of my clients to close more sales and convert high paying clients.

If you like this video, just click the like button be sure to share it...  I would certainly love to hear about your opinion things that you've done in the comment box below.

My name is Bill Doyle. Bye for now.

Learn More & Start Attracting More Clients >>

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How to Become More Fascinating and Attract More Clients

Posted by Bill Doyle on 29 October 2016
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Special Thanks to Michael Cranfield for Video Production and Photography

This is Bill Doyle and it looks like we found a perfect place to catch up for coffee for our next 'Catch Up for a Coffee' talk. It's getting a little bit cloudy, but I got some takeaway coffees.  We're up here at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and I found a perfect spot to come and share some tips with you on how to be more fascinating.

Hi everyone. Welcome to another edition of, 'Let's Catch Up for a Coffee'. Today, we're having a take away up here at the Kangaroo Point Cliff faces Cafe or whatever it is actually called. Funny thing is I've look everywhere and no sign of a kangaroo at all. Sorry for anyone in America or the U.K. watching this, just because it's called Kangaroo Point, doesn't mean there's any kangaroos here, it's actually a cliff; as you can see behind me, the beautiful city of Brisbane.

1:00 min - What makes someone facscination?

Today, we're going to talk about fascination and what makes someone fascinating. It's an interesting topic in how it's actually related to marketing. Have you ever been to a party you notice there are maybe two groups of people and one person has a hive of people hanging around them. You're thinking, "What is it that they've got that I don't," or vice versa. Nine times out of ten they'll come away saying, "Wow, that person was just absolutely fascinating." That can also apply to how you work it in your business and what it actually does for you, creating intrigue, fascination, and ultimately attracting more quality clients into your business.

I'm just going to step you through a couple of little ideas that will help you do that. Number one, we were born fascinating. We learn over time to become boring, really. I don't know whether any of you have ever worked in the corporate world or in any major corporation? We are taught to behave in a certain way, to act a certain way.

2:00 Min - Lady Gaga (the rock star)

If you notice someone like Lady Gaga, the rock star, she's absolutely fascinating, mainly because she wears bright colours; she takes everything to the edge. Sure she has great music, but what makes her so fascinating is the fact that she's actually outside the box thinker and she does things totally different. She has a personal opinion and a personal brand.

When thinking about how to be fascinating, what I'm asking you to do is become more authentic, start writing down some things about what makes you, you and stop trying to be someone else, and stop trying to compete in the market with everybody else as well. What I want you to do is list the top four things that you find that other people say are most fascinating about you. Just take a moment, write that down; the top four things.

What I want you to do is write the other four things that you find are most boring about you. Okay? Things that you just think, "Gee that's not me, I'd really want to change that." You're going to write down the four things that you think people think are most fascinating about you and the four things that maybe you feel or you hear that people say are boring things about you.

What I want you to do after you've written those four things down, we're identifying what it is that we need to get rid off. What I suggest you do is you can't get rid of something you don't know exists, so by creating the list of boring features, we can then screw that up, pretty much, and put it in the bin. By looking at the fascinating features we can look at how we can use this in our personal branding, in our marketing, in our sales presentations to stand out to be that little bit more different and start attracting more high-quality clients for our business.

04:00 - Lead Magnet and food for thought

Just a little bit of food for thought, when you're trying to be more fascinating, don't just do it on a personal level, you've also got to do it within your marketing. That means all of your marketing materials, your lead magnet materials like e-books, CD, giveaways, etc and stop talking about you and what it is that you actually do. Start being a little bit more fascinating, and a little bit more intriguing because with those two qualities comes a very, very high level of what I call attraction marketing.

That attraction marketing factor will not only help you build your business, but it will also create a massive buzz around what it is that you actually do and how you can go about helping and serving more people. Here's my little tip for today; be fascinating, get personally branded and stand out from the crowd and just be different.

This is Bill Doyle, signing off for now.

Have a great day :-)

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How to Become More Fascinating - Bill Doyle
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Video Marketing Online

Posted by Bill Doyle on 16 January 2012

Video Marketing

Your key to website trafffic and sales success using Video Marketing.

Today we're going to discuss a how you can use the power of video marketing to communicate more effectively with your clients, prospects and staff.
But more than that, we're going to show you how you can use this misunderstood medium (video marketing) to build rapport, establish your credibility, build a loyal following and convert more clients more often.

In October 2010 - according to a survey conducted by Forbes, Business Owners watched more online videos than a year earlier.
Nearly 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage.

In short, this video article you wil learn...

  • The 5 tips to Producing Video Content that Sells YOU, your product and your message to both the mass market, and to individuals.
  • The 5 common pitfalls and mistakes that most people make when creating a video for marketing.
  • And why, if you aren't promoting your business via Video Marketing, you may be handing new customers to your competitors.

To watch the video below... Click the play button and turn your speakers up.

Please tell us what you're thinking or share your thoughts...
Add your comments below!

A special thanks to Philippe from 7 Degrees Creative - 7dc. If you would like to find out more about video marketing contact 7dc by clicking here.

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Bill Doyle

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 17 April 2008

Bill Doyle - Professional Marketing Mentor, Author and Speaker

Bill DoyleBill Doyle, also known as "The Marketing Mentor" is a Communications and Online Marketing Specialist in Brisbane, Australia who has developed a unique way of integrating concepts, ideas, marketing and online email marketing solutions to assist in the growth of individual's, small business owners, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bill Doyle, Founding of Altitude Communications and Entrepreneur, is an industry leader and continues to bring creative and successful solutions, providing state of the art marketing solutions to his clients.

Altitude Communications is a shift away from the more traditional media marketing to new innovative and exciting e-business models. Combined with exceptional marketing techniques, they provide all the necessary tools to give businesses more exposure in a competitive global market place. Bill leads a team with expertise in sales, communications, marketing/advertising, brand development, digital media applications, research and analysis. Collectively they help businesses, small, medium and corporate to gain their desired exposure and to become a driving force in the market place.

Driven by results, Bill Doyle thrives on interaction with clients and colleagues.

"We listen to our clients' dreams and goals and gain a thorough understanding of their desired end result; their dreams become our dreams," says Bill. "Knowing a clients needs and their desired outcomes is the success of each individual campaign."

Bill ensures his team of experts are up to date with the most sophisticated and cutting edge systems to empower the clients with the tools and knowledge to maximise their business potential and profits.

"We all stay motivated to be leaders in the market by regularly setting our own dreams and goals and I encourage continued personal development through ongoing training. Basically we practice what we preach," he says.

Altitude Communications is a now a highly-experienced and sort after progressive team that advises individuals, as well as small, medium and large companies on how to make the cash register sing. Bill Doyle relaises that as a business owner you work hard and running your business can take a lot of time and energy and you are most likely proud of your results to date.

Bill educates client on how they can make huge profits from simple ideas that anyone can utilize. He will also encourage clients and individuals to harness the power of your marketing dollar to help you increase your effectiveness in the marketplace with your personal brand and image.

Bill's secret of success with customers is to empower the business owner with clever ideas and 'tricks of the trade' so that you can watch your effectiveness soar.

For the last 22 years, however, Bill has been flexing his "creative" muscle in advertising and marketing. During this time, he's worked with some of Australia's leading corporations including: Coca-Cola Amital, Campbell Brothers Ltd., Mc Donald's Restaurants, Vodafone, Optus, Birch Carroll and Coyle. Plus, his communications and marketing material has been seen in some of Brisbane's premier companies including: Pioneer International, The Brisbane Lions, Holden Performance Driving School, PKF and Action International.

Having increased the profits for many SME's and large Companies, Bill enjoys watching the growth and success of the clients that he has the privilege of working with.




Need a Keynote Speaker for your next event?

Bill Doyle Speaking

Speaking Topics include:

  • The Power of Using LinkedIn to Attract New Clients
  • Email Marketing Secrets Revealed
  • 6 Low-Cost and No-Cost Strategies to Generate Leads FAST
  • Create Your Powerful Unique Selling proposition (USP) to Skyrocket Your Success
  • Attraction Marketing - How to Get A Rush of New Clients on Demand

Bill Doyle Online Photo Gallery - Keynote Talks and Speaking Engagements

Praise and What Others Say

In The Media

Click Here to enquire now about how you can book Bill for your next event.

Digital Books - Published by Bill Doyle

Online Marketing Expert Bill Doyle from Altitude Communications, "The Marketing Mentor", is the creator of the very popular e-Books, eNewsletter Secrets Revealed and 10 Strategies for Boosting Your Website Traffic.

1. eNewsletter Secrets Revealed - Designed to help you to boost your marketing results...this very popular e-Book contains all of the ideas, strategies and tactics that are easy to follow and easy to implement. It will also show you how to get a competitive edge, generate leads, retain customers and increase your readership for achieving maximum eNewsletter results.

2. 10 Strategies for Boosting Your Website Traffic (the extended version) is a must-have guide to boosting your website traffic and it's jam-packed with strategies, ideas and tips that will put you way ahead of your competition.

Copyright Bill Doyle and Altitude Communications 2008-2012.  All Rights Reserved.


You can, as long as you include this text copy in it's entirety:
Marketing Mentor Bill Doyle publishes the popular 'My Marketing Mentor' weekly eZine with over 7000+ subscribers including solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and business owner. If you're ready to boost your business, generate more leads and make more money, get your FREE 50+ fresh eMarketing ideas and tactics to help you to attract new clients like bees to a honey pot and grow a profitable business without spending a fortune. Go to

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