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The Process for Producing Video for Your Website

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 10 December 2018

A Common Sense Guide to producing a video for your website


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Hi, this is Bill Doyle, and welcome to another 'Let's Catch Up For A Coffee' video together. It's really nice of you to join me today, and this is where we regularly talk about useful marketing tips and strategies that you can be using in your business right away. So you're going to find this video very short, and very useful, as part of this whole 'Let's Catch Up For A Coffee' video series.

In today's short training video, I'm going to give you a little bit of a Common Sense Guide to producing a video for your website, or any other medium for that matter, and some little step-by-step guide to help you think about the process when making your video.

Whether you're using or making the video at home, or in fact using a professional videographer like I am right now, Michael Cranfield. I'm here at Motorline BMW, and you may have seen it. I've got some timeless pieces around me here: a BMW motorcycle, and a little three-wheeler on my right here.

Now, the fact that these are old and timeless, they're actually showpieces. And when someone constructed or thought of constructing these vehicles, they didn't think that they were ever really going to date. And you know what? They actually haven't. They're actually timeless.

So, I want you to think about the video just like you would if you were going to build a timeless piece that was going to last forever. Because you don't want to re-shoot the same video over and over again. So it's worth doing the couple little suggestions and the tips I'm just about to give you.

Tip #1: Gain Clarity

So, gain clarity around your message and what you actually want to achieve when producing that video. Is it an educational video, where you're giving helpful hints and tips like I'm giving you right now? Or is it a call-to-action video? Or a sales video?
Either way, you need to gain clarity about what it is you're going to produce, and what's the purpose of that video, and what it's going to do on your website.

Tip #2: Content and Timing

So, the second thing is content and timing, e.g., the homepage welcome video, or the educational coffee style video like the one I'm delivering to you now.

Website Homepage Video

The one that you have on your homepage, for example, you don't need a ten-minute video or a 15-minute video. It's not an educational video. It's a quick video, maybe giving them the Five Top Reasons why they need to do business with you, or selling your unique selling proposition in that video. "Here's why you should choose me," for example. Optin Lead Generation Video...

For an opt-in video, or one that's going to build your subscribers list, that might be a little bit different. It might be a video that has something like, take this particular action and do this particular thing. I'll talk about that in a minute.

Prior Preparation - Video Production Planner
So the next thing that I suggest that you do, is pre-plan your video production. Now, whether you're doing that with yourself from home using your iPhone or whatever it is, right through to doing a professional video, you need to plan this out.

Michael Cranfield has graciously prepared what he calls the VPP or the Video Production Planner, and he's supplied this for you to download below this video. And this is just a simple document, we can use it as a guide to start activating and getting ready for your pre-production meeting. That's what I would recommend you do before you do any video, is plan out the production in advance.

So, in short, it's really easy to plan everything up front, and this will help you monetize your marketing and get the best possible results.

So just to recap on today's video ...

Number one: Gain clarity about the purpose of the video and where you're gonna do it. Number two: Think about the content and how that's going to be delivered. Is it a coffee video training series? An educational series? A call-to-action video, or a home page USP video? What's the purpose of that video?

#3 Be Realistic About Timing

And number three, be realistic about the timing. If you want something up next week, plan it out in advance so that you're ready to take action and just make everything as smooth as possible along the way.

Okay, that's it for today's 'Let's Catch Up For a Coffee' video. I hope that you found the tips useful, something that you can apply right away, and I highly recommend that you just get started and start filling out that form below this video.


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Special Thanks to Michael Cranfieldfor Video Production and Photography

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The Process for Producing Video for Your Website - Bill Doyle


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