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Using Frequency And Vibration To Grow Your Business With Barry Auchettl

Posted by Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications on 5 February 2017
Using Frequency And Vibration To Grow Your Business With Barry Auchettl

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Learn How you can Start Using Frequency and Vibration to Grow Your Business - Interview with Barry Auchettl.

Barry Auchettl (ock-er-tell) is a Visionary from the Gold Coast in Australia whose passion is awakening the Vision in others. Barry has faced many life and health challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He is one of Australia's most qualified vision educators.

Barry's passion is to allow people to shine from within. He has faced many of life's challenges from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. He has overcome two life-threatening brain tumours and has reversed his need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

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[00:03:00] What is the difference Barry between frequency and vibration?

[00:05:00] how does this frequency and vibration relate to us in the world of business and marketing?

[00:09:30] Why are you working with raising your own frequency continually?

[00:12:00] Top 3 Tips to Increasing Your Frequency and Vibration

How can people listening to this conversation increase their own frequency with using what you do?

Tip #1:
Make a list of things you're grateful for each day. I actually, in my list that I actually had 350 different things that you can you do, and the top couple seemed to be, gratitude is one.

Tip #2:
Meditate - The other one you mentioned as well, which is simply about meditating and just stilling the mind, whatever way that looks like for you.

Tip #3:
Get a frequency and vibrational checklist done by me. I'm actually willing for anyone on this call to offer a free 15-minute checklist to find out where your frequency actually is. Because until you know where it is, how do you know where you want to go to?

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