Email Marketing ... Top 20 Benefits

  1. Increase referral rates and new customer numbers
  2. Boost business performance
  3. Increase your sales volume
  4. Upsell your products and services
  5. Reduce your marketing expenditure
  6. Reduce response times with pre-written, professionally drafted sales letters
  7. Shorten your sales cycle
  8. Maximise your event management capabilities
  9. Increase your brand awareness to remain top-of-mind
  10. Gain valuable client feedback by conducting your own online surveys
  11. Grow your contact database/s
  12. Create one-on-one relationships with your customers by personalising your messages
  13. Increase client response and loyalty
  14. Generate more word of mouth advertising and referrals
  15. Implement a powerful market research campaign
  16. Track the success of your campaigns with real-time statistics and reporting
  17. Create targeted direct email marketing campaigns with information and offerings that generate high levels of customer interest
  18. Position yourself as an expert in your industry via weekly/monthly updates and helpful hints and tips
  19. Build a community from existing clients and prospective new clients
  20. Educate your existing and prospective clients about new product releases and services