Interact with Web-Users - Seven Ways to Increase Your Interaction...

Website usability statistics show us that if a website fails to interact with it's users, they will leave. An Altitude Communications-designed 3G website can support the ultimate in interactivity. The following list of tools are available and can be custom-programmed to suit your requirements:


Competitions are a clever way of capturing a site visitor's contact details for later use. A competition gives you the opportunity to interact with your prospects, build loyalty amongst your customers, and add value to the relationships with both parties.  


Our quiz software is essentially designed to increase both the amount of time visitors spend on the site, and how often they return. Although dependant on the type of quiz and the target market, a quiz can be extremely effective in achieving both of these goals.
Bluehype offers the most flexible quiz plug-in available. Our software allows the structure, length and amount of quizzes on the site to be determined by the website owner. For example, questions can be multiple choice, single answer or all answers correct.  Following completion of the quiz, the web user is given the result and presented with a score of how they performed. Each score is accompanied by a response which is generated for a score within a certain range.

Bulletin Board 

Similar to an old fashioned notice board, the bulletin board is another example of a "return often" strategy. The bulletin board software is a useful tool that allows clients to easily post new information onto their website. This information is then displayed on the website in a chronological fashion.
The website owner can determine if they want the information to be displayed automatically, or if the information requires moderation before it is displayed.

Internet Forum 

Bridging the gap in an increasingly private world, our forum software facilitates discussions online. The forum is made up of several categories. Within each category is a set of topics, and within each of these is a list of posts from different users. Essentially, a forum is a place where people can start conversations (or threads) and reply to other people's threads. 
Combining the multiple advantages of encouraging web users to interact with the site, stay longer, and return more frequently, the Internet forum is also able to capture your user's information and contact details for later use.
To use the forum, users have to either login or become a member. This means that the captured data is valid and that the recipient is generally more receptive to receiving information from the site.
As the administrator, the website owner has the ability to edit, delete and otherwise modify any thread on any forum.


Blogging has fast become the 'rage' of the modern era. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as politics, local news and food, while some function more as personal online diaries. The benefits to business are varied - from providing updates and news to developing a raving fan culture amongst clients.
The Altitude Communications blogging software is a user-generated website where entries are made in a journal style and displayed in reverse chronological order. The blogging software allows viewers of the blog to post comments relating to that particular blog. Plus, the blog also produces an up-to-date RSS feed.


This plug-in allows users of the website to leave a message for the client. The website owner can choose to:
  • Show all entries,
  • Show only entries that are set to visible (by the website owner),
  • Show entries with responses,
  • Show entries with responses where the entries are set to visible.


An effective way to conduct cost-effective market research, an online poll gives your web viewer the ability to cast their vote on a particular question and then see how others have voted.
This tool can be light-hearted and offer entertainment value to the viewer. It can also form the basis for useful and insightful market research.
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