How to Turn a Business into an Online Sales Machine...

Harnessing the ultimate goal for any business (sales), an online sales facility and its associated drivers can change the way an organisation conducts its business. The following suite of seven products will help you transform your business into an online sales machine:

Advertising Manager 

Our advertising manager plug-in allows website owners to create and place advertisements within their site. Its dual function can be used as either an external revenue generating source (i.e. selling advertising space on the site to other businesses) or to advertise product's availability to web users. The advertising manager software will increase a user's interaction with a site and can help to identify areas of interest within a target market.
When an advertisement is added into the advertising manager system, the website owner can specify for it to display on a specific page or to appear randomly, in which case the system will nominate where the advertisement is placed. Additionally, campaign start and end dates can be pre-set. Plus, if you use our FastTrack eMail Marketing and Database manager,  you can also nominate where ads appear in particular articles.
As part of the system's reporting functions, it will track the number of clicks that have been recorded at each site such as:
  • The number of times an ad has been viewed,
  • The number of times it has been clicked on, and
  • The number of times the phone number has been clicked on.

Membership Manager 

Not just for clubs and group organisations, our membership manager also assists businesses to easily organise their database groups. The membership manager plug-in allows the website owner to:
  • Display a directory of all members in their various groups and determine the way that the directory is displayed.
  • Automate the renewal process - The system will automatically send out renewal notices, and remove any members who have not rejoined from the list.
  • Take payment - When a member joins or renews, the system can take payment through any of the payment forms listed. It will also produce a tax invoice.
  • Set up an automated SMS service which will SMS the advertiser's mobile with a small message each time a new member is added.
  • Sign-up new members.

Website Directory 

The website directory is a great way for any website owner to display a searchable directory of businesses within their website. The system allows the website owner to categorize the members into groups, where based on the group's settings, can be set up to display information. ie: gold members, silver members.

Classifieds System 

Combining the multiple advantages of encouraging web users to interact with the site, stay longer, and return more frequently, the classified system is also able to capture your user's information and contact details for later use.
The classifieds system allows users to advertise items for sale in certain categories within a website. The website users must become a member so they can add new items and modify existing items they have for sale. The system then has the ability to specify that items must be authorised before they are displayed on the website. For each item, the client can specify an amount that needs to be paid to list that item.

Form Creator 

Our form creator allows website owners to easily create or modify all business forms displayed on their website. This software allows website owners to automate key business processes and save time on menial tasks. Each form can include a number of fields, which can include checklists, select lists, radio buttons and text boxes - the client can determine if certain fields are required or not. These forms are then emailed to the appropriate person when completed.

Shopping Cart 

The Altitude Communications Shopping cart is more than just an online store, it can also help a website owner manage their business. In addition, it allows a website owner to add, modify, and delete items from their store. They can also:
  • Hide the price from normal web surfers and only allow registeredwholesalers the ability to purchase items.
  • Charge shipping with respect to the weight of the items in the cart, location where items are being shipped to or the number of items being purchased. 
  • Monitor and report on stock levels in real time.
  • Upload and display multiple images per item.
  • Create variants for each item, ie: allow the user to choose the red, blue or green widget.
  • Produce stats on purchases made through their shopping cart.
  • Allow users to pay online, through paypal, stratapay, national bank, verisign, netregistry, or offline through the offline order form.
  • Control tax rates based on user location.
  • Display cart cost in different currencies.
  • Allow clients to log in and view the status of their order.

Affiliate Marketing & Tracking Software 

Want to generate a referral program for your website where the referrer can generate revenue for themselves? Look no further. The Altitude Communications Affiliate tracking software allows the website owner to set up affiliates with their own unique link to the site.
Once a purchase is made on the site from a referrers client,  the referrer is then given a percentage or fixed commission based on the sale made. The referrer can then log in and view what their balance is up to and when payment was made to them.
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