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The benefits of using articles

The Article Manager allows you to upload articles online. These may be anything from "How To" guides, to press releases and general information.

The Article Manager can benefit you in many ways:

  1. Articles can be used to accompany email campaigns to reduce the amount of text/copy appearing within an email. Each article is added with a short description/preview plus a 'read more' link that takes them to the online article.
  2. When clients follow the link to your article stored on your website, they are prompted to read other articles encouraging them to engage with your website for longer periods of time. 
  3. By regularly posting content to articles, you are encouraging people to return to your website more often. 
  4. Well written, informative articles help you to appear as the expert in your field. 
  5. Your Article Manager contains an RSS feed that you can use to feed your articles into your social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps encourage your social media followers to engage with your website as well.

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