Altitude Communications Online Success Stories

Using the Altitude Communications' My Lead Generator™ program and the FastTrack eMarketing™ System our clients talk about their online success stories. Listen as they share their stories and the amazing results that they achieved.

eZine Success Story - with Jo Pollard from Wild Dog Designs

Jo Pollard shares her success story about the launch of her eZine "Dog Tails" and how the Altitude Communications' FastTrack eMarketing System gave her more leads, exposure and sales. Interview with Bill Doyle.

Why I selected Altitude - with Rachel Quilty from Jump the Q

Rachel Quilty from Jump the Q - shares her experience with how Altitude Communications continued to offer great support and assistance with her online marketing and website. She also points out why she selected Altitude.

Why choose Altitude FastTrack eMarketing - with Alison Basson from Mums in Business

Alison Basson from Mums in Business tells her story of why she prefers the Altitude FastTrack database marketing system and why she recommends it. Interview with Bill Doyle

I love your overall marketing expertise! - with Jodi Hincksman from Avena Homes

Jodi Hincksman from Avena Homes explains what she loved most about Altitude Communications' overall marketing approach and how she felt. Telephone interview with Bill Doyle.

My Lead Generator Success Story - with Nadia Zakaras from Achieve Global

Nadia Zakaras from Achieve Global - explains how the "My Lead Generator" program generated 60+ new leads in just 24 hours thanks to Altitude's creative ideas, knowledge and advice.

Overall Branding and Website Success Story - Allan Dunsmuir from Shared Vision Group Ltd.

Allan Dunsmuir from talks with Bill Doyle from Altitude on his thoughts and feelings about how Altitude makes the process very easy whilst achieving the desired outcomes.

eMarketing Success Story - Trevor Dicks from Pacific Wellness Institute

Trevor Dicks tells us why using Altitude Communications has been the best thing he did in 32 years in business and how his "My Lead Generator" campaign has proven to be more effective than he had ever hoped.

My Lead Generator Success Story - with Liz Cassidy from Third Sigma International

Liz Cassidy discusses her amazing success generating over 100 new leads in less than 24 hrs using Altitude Communications' My Lead Generator Program. Interview with Bill Doyle.

Lead Generation Campaign was just fantastic - interview with Terri Cooper from

Terri Cooper talks about her fantastic results from the "My Lead Generator" campaign program and how she immediately sold her online programs overseas on the same day. Interview with Bill Doyle.

My Lead Generator Success Story - Heather Boon from Maximum Results

Bill Doyle interviews Heather Boon from about her success with Altitude Communications and the great results she achieved creating an automated lead generation system for her business using the "My Lead Generator" program.

My Lead Generator Success Story - with Rhonda Madden from Investing In Property

Rhonda Madden from Investing in Property - Rhonda says "the results were outstanding and doing the "My Lead Generator" program with Altitude was the best thing we have ever done to bring in new business.

Lead Generation & Online Marketing Success Story with Meg Filip from Leadership Mastery for Women

Meg Filip from Leadership Mastery for Women - talks openly about how she generated over 39 new sales leads in the first day or so and how she felt that she was walking hand-in hand with the marketing experts.

There has been a tenfold increase in the amount of qualified leads - Michele Dougal from Famous Logistics

Michele Dougal from shares her success story regarding the massive increase in the number and quality of the leads and enquiries generated by using Altitude Communications systems.

Lead Generation and Email Marketing Success Story

Andrew Baty from Paramount Commercial Collections spoke with Bill Doyle and says "If you are serious about growing your business I recommend Altitude Communications and their My Lead Generator Program."

The My Lead Generator Program...Absoutely Outstanding! - interview with Catherine Rumble

Someone I knew & admired provided a testimonial & I knew that if they’d given one then it must be just great.I already have around 80 leads in that a short period & nearly 50% of those have booked a one-on-one session with me.

Monthly Marketing Mentoring Success Story - with Darryl Murtha

Darryl Murtha from People Risk Management says - "The Marketing Mentoring program has turned my world upside down in one quick movement. The empowerment has been amazing and I really truly do thank you. I would say don’t hesitate give Bill a call.

Online Marketing and Lead Generation Success Story - with Terence Tam from BookPal Australia

Terence Tam says - "It was exactly what my business needed to help generate new leads. I instantly attracted new clients, and only just 1 of them has already returned 3 times the original investment, I can’t recommend you more highly."