Five Easy Ways to Give Web Users the Information They Need...

The following list of solutions makes it easy for a business to provide information to its clients.

Photo Gallery 

If a picture says a thousand words, then a photo gallery can do the selling for you. Photo galleries are a great way to display an entire product range without over-burdening the customer. Our sophisticated software allows web users to flick through a selection of images and quickly get the information they require. 
Suitable for many kinds of businesses, you may like to consider including a photo gallery in your customer's site if:
  • They have a large range of products,
  • Their product range is complicated and difficult to describe,
  • People are their product e.g. modeling agencies, networking groups etc, or
  • If the sales process could be enhanced by seeing examples of previous work e.g builders, architects, signage companies, furniture manufacturers designers or anyone with a portfolio of work.
Our Photo Gallery Software allows for easy uploading and display of any selected images on a website.
Plus, it also features:
  • Automatic & Manual Image Manipulation - The software can automatically resize your  image if it is too large or you can get your image just right by manually cropping, rotating and/or resizing.
  • Organise your Images - The software allows you (or your client) to organise the images into multiple galleries, categories or pages.
  • Link your Galleries - Each of the galleries can be linked via the navigation menu, or through any links on any page.
Display Options
Your clients can choose between two display types:
  • Default - Displays the images in a pop-up window with a caption below the image and a surrounding graphic style that is created by our graphic designers. 
  • Lightbox - This display method darkens the current page and displays a loading bar. Once the image is loaded, it is then displayed in a frame above the current page. It will also display the caption. For an online example Click Here.

Product Catalogue 

Product Catalogues will allow your clients to easily and cost-effectively display their products in a manner that is simple for their web users to browse through. Plus, because it can be linked to your online sales portal, it also allows for quick and simple purchasing. In addition, many clients find our product catalogue software beneficial because it costs less than setting up multiple webpages, and allows quick and easy editing.

Other features include:
  • Products can be organised into categories, or separate pages. 
  • Each category can be linked to the navigation menu, and from any page within the site.
  • Once the web-user clicks on an item within a category, they can view specific information relating to that item, such as the heading, order number, description, key features and price.
  • Additionally, the client can add as many pictures as they like, and users can click on pictures, which produce a pop-up to display a bigger version of the picture.
  • For each category, you can create a set of variants. Variants could be the size of a particular product within the product line such as colour or size. These variants then allow you to create a custom search facility where the user can search via product variants. For example: Searching for tyre sizes when the product is organised on each page by brand.

For an online example Click Here.

Website Search 

 Website search allows users to easily type in the keywords they are looking for. Results are displayed similarly to Google results, and pages are ordered by importance and keyword proximity.
This function is a great addition if your site includes a lot of detailed information, or hidden pages. It can also be extremely useful if web users are time poor, or are looking for information on a diverse range of topics.

RSS Feed displayer 

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means of supplying a web feed to other websites.
Altitude Communications software can download an RSS feed from any site (such as CNN, BBC, Blogs, etc) and display a heading and a short description linking back to the site that produced the feed.
The major benefits for the website owner are that they can appear to be the experts on a particular subject without actually doing any work to supply the links. It also means that users will come back to a site if they know the information presented is always up-to-date with information they are interested in. Plus, RSS Feeds also dramatically increase a site's search engine ranking in Google.

Ticketing System 

A great solution for companies wanting to keep a registry of customer enquiries, our ticketing system gives web owners the ability to sort inquiries in priority order, assign them to individual staff members, and rate their urgency. This system can also run on-site, which will allow clients to view the status of their query.  Click Here for an example
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