Your position on a Search Engine, such as Google's Page Rankings, depends on several factors, including the age of your website, the keywords you've used, and the number of other websites (and their rank) that link to yours.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves an intricate mix of, among other things; programming, keywords, meta-tags, descriptions, copywriting and website links that ensure your site meets the requirements of the search engine's algorithms, and thus be placed highly in their results.

To get the most value from SEO, it needs to be conducted by Internet experts that are up-to-date with the constantly changing requirements of search engines.

Altitude Communications' SEO Programs are a complete optimisation package for your business. Our team of expert SEO consultants will take an in-depth look at your website to determine which areas of your site are under-performing and then implement the strategies to rectify this.

Included within our SEO arsenal are multiple strategies that are designed to boost your search engine ranking, and get your site found by new visitors every day. 

Included within the program are comprehensive monthly reports which detail the strategies implemented, as well as the results.

To ensure optimal SEO rankings, Altitude Communications offers the following packages.

1. SEO Action Plan

2. SEO Program

SEO Action Plan 

This SEO Package includes:

Expert Analysis - our team of qualified SEO consultants will analyse your website to find the areas you need to improve on to make your site more search engine friendly.

Detailed Recommendations - after studying your site, our team will create a detailed report for your business, covering the strategies you should implement to improve your search engine ranking.

The Altitude Communications'SEO Action Plan is the first step in optimising your website. Once you have these recommendations from our consultants, it is important that you implement them immediately so you can start getting results.

SEO Program 

This SEO Package includes:

The Altitude Communications' SEO Program is a complete optimisation package for your business. Our team of expert SEO consultants will take an in-depth look at your website to determine which areas of your site are under-performing. They will then implement multiple strategies to boost your search engine ranking. You will be provided with detailed monthly reports covering the strategies used by our team for your website and the results.  

Keyword List GenerationOur team will assist you in the creation of a list of keywords that will be used to optimise your website. Once your keywords have been confirmed, our SEO experts will advise you on using the keywords throughout your site for search engines to pick up on.
SEO Program ReportYou will be provided with a report detailing a step-by-step action plan to get your website on track. Our team will provide you with several strategies for you to implement on your site in order to improve your ranking. Once these actions have been implemented, an increase in search engine exposure will take place fairly quickly.
Link Building CampaignSearch engines place enormous weight on the quality of links pointing to your website. Links need to be managed with a high level of attention to quality. Our campaigns source 'ethical' links from the Internet, manage set up and on-going maintenance. Every month, 10 new web sites will be contacted in an effort to increase your search engine positioning.
Dedicated SupportOur team is available for contact by email and phone from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday EST. We pride ourselves on our response time, so you aren't left waiting for answers.
Monthly SEO ReportUsing state-of-the-art technology, we will track search engine visitors into your web site. This high level of reporting will allow us to track the results of your SEO Program and pinpoint other areas for improvement.


Monthly SEO Report

You will also receive a monthly SEO report, which will include the following data:

  • Daily Visitors over the last month 
  • Daily Page Views over the last month 
  • Daily Search Referrals over the last month 
  • Monthly Visitors over the last year 
  • Monthly Page Views over the last year 
  • Monthly Search Referrals over the last year 
  • Daily traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN over the last month (results displayed separately) 
  • Monthly traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN over the last year (results displayed separately) 
  • Top 25 keyword phrases in order of traffic generated over the last month (traffic is displayed for each keyword phrase) 
  • Top 50 Positions for each keyword phrase on Google, Yahoo and MSN 
  • Top 10 Entry pages to your web site with the list of search phrases used to find each page 
  • PageRanks for home page and resource pages 
  • Email summary (to ensure that you have received all emails from our team for the month) 

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