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Tanya Bewicke
"I have TRIPLED my monthly income of consulting twice, and in less than 90 days, with a 250% in growth. I feel I have a much better grasp of Marketing and what I need to do on my own now. So thanks! I would recommend your program to others and I will let people know if they are looking to expand. Thanks a Million!"

Margaret McNamara
" I was going to so many seminars to work out how to market my business. I was spending more time on marketing than in my business and spending thousands of dollars.  I was getting quite frustrated because I wasn't getting the results I was after, even after getting my website done twice.

I then decided to go ahead with the Lead Generation Program offered to me by Altitude Communications. The results have been fantastic... I generated 138 new leads, and I've got 48 health check bookings, and that's been over about a month. 

So now I'm spending my time with my clients rather than spending my time marketing, which is fantastic. I'm absolutely stoked with the results that I've got and also with the potential for more future business.

My advice... don't be skeptical. Altitude will hold your hand, they will work with you to make the program fit for you, and you can spend more time in your business rather than on your business. Altitude's been fantastic!"

Emma Monro
Ok, so here is the deal. After interviewing Bill Doyle from Altitude Communications & Marketing, I've really worked on my Lead Magnet. It's been 24 hours since I did a soft launch, and added it to my LinkedIn Accepting a Connection email. The Results: In 24 hours,27 connections accepted = 24 times the lead magnet worked = 24 new additions to my email database. :) Now to roll it out in other areas to test and measure. Thanks Bill!

Claire Grlj
"Working with Bill is what I imagine being in a room with Richard Branson would be like! He has seriously high energy and passion for all things marketing. Limitless ideas and strategies which when refined and applied all boil down to just two things more leads for your business and more sales. Bill is extremely generous with his time and knowledge - both of which seem to have no end! Call Bill if you want to get a rocket up your lead generation strategies!"

Martin McKone
Bill is a dedicated Marketing Professional and website designer with his eyes FIRMLY set on helping his clients achieve results with their marketing/lead generation. He is professional in his advice and service delivery and embraces technology to further reach and help his clients satisfaction.