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Michele Dougal
"By using a combination of paid advertising and your Lead Generation program it has enabled us to gain measurable and controlled results. We are getting greater volume of enquiries, success rate, click throughs to our website and more qualified leads that we can now measure. There has been a 10 fold increase in the amount of qualified leads to between 30-40 qualified leads per month on each specific target we were aiming for. It's a huge increase in the number of leads but also a better quality of lead as well. You quickly see the results and the rewards follow. We are now in control over the amount and quality of the leads that flow into our business. I would highly recommend Altitude Communications and we have a good relationship with the Altitude Team... they have always been very energetic and very interested in what we are trying to achieve in increasing our exposure, branding and market liability."
Michele Dougal, Manging Director | FAMOUS LOGISTICS

Darryl Murtha
"The Marketing Mentoring has turned my world upside down in one quick movement. It has given me direction and rather than trying to reinvent myself or be someone I’m not, it has helped me to understand my strengths and talents and where I needed the help, I am now in a good place as I move forward. The empowerment has been amazing and and its now very clear what I need to do and where I need to go and for that I really truly do thank you. I have looked at a number of people similar to yourself and always felt I was lead down the garden path and the roses were never going to bloom. You set out to understand what I need and help me to understand what I need to do. The clarity was the main benefit. My advice is while you are hesitating you are wasting time, don’t hesitate, get into it and give Bill a call and go from there."
Darryl Murtha, Managing Director | PEOPLE RISK MANAGEMENT

Troy Boschma
"Bill, you certainly had an impact on my career very positively and thanks for that. I would recommend your services to any person or business serious about success."
Troy Boschma, Business Development Manager | GOA Billboads

Christine Stow
“I had attempted to use other systems before and it didn’t work very well, and it just left me in the lurch basically. However my experience was good with Altitude and they are always very responsive, flexible and always listening to what I needed to do. So I’ve been very pleased with the whole process. Doing business with Altitude has been great. It’s been over four months now since we started the “My Lead generator” program and the new leads just kept coming and coming, and they still they keep coming. I’ve had to take a bit of a break from actually doing the advertising to get through all the leads, it’s been fantastic. It works and I just can’t speak highly enough of you.
Christine Stow, Managing Director | WOMEN IN PROPERTY

Nawwar Hassan
“The My Lead Generator program is GREAT! It’s a lot better than other pay per click methods. With Pay Per Click advertising you have to keep on putting in money and not knowing when it will actually get any sort of leads, but then I find with the investment that I made here with Altitude Communications has generated leads in no time and it’s up and running now. I have generated over 200 new leads in the last few weeks since the program went live.”
Nawwar Hassan, Director | PRECIOUS LOVE
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