Why Use Email Marketing?

Forget computers, infrastructure, products, or equipment, your clients are your biggest and most precious asset. It doesn't matter what type of business you're in, without customers, your business would no longer exist. It is for this reason that businesses, large and small, jump on the endless "market then sell", and "market then sells" treadmill. This never-ending cycle is like a children's see-saw with income coming in peaks and troughs, good times followed by tough times.

But there is a better way... 


It is generally accepted that to generate leads, prospects or future business; word of mouth, advertising and referral-based marketing techniques are your best and most cost-effective weapons. However, until now, there was no tool that was able to combine all three in a highly efficient and uniquely targeted way.

Introducing, Altitude's FastTrack email marketing, the perfect solution to modern business' client acquisition and retention challenges.

Uniquely designed to meet the needs of today's fast moving business environment, FastTrack email marketing successfully undertakes the tri-role of acquiring, building and maintaining profitable and cost-effective relationships with your customers and potential customers.

In addition to far outstripping the industry average for traditional direct mail response rates, FastTrack email marketing and database marketing also slashes the costs associated with traditional methods. This enables you to achieve outstanding results, while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money. Plus, by harnessing modern technology, FastTrack eMarketing enables you to easily track, test, and measure the impact of your communications. Functions such as real-time reporting and ROI (return on investment) calculators, provide unparalleled and timely feedback on your campaign's success.

In short, if your goal is to build and manage exceptional relationships with your clients, maximise profitability and increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars then the FastTrack eMarketing system is definitely for you.